How does the "Hundred Flowers Blossom" MRO e-commerce platform rise?

October 31, 2020

What is MRO ?

MRO comes from the English maintenance, Repair & Operations acronym, Maintenance Maintenance, Repair Repair, Operation Operation. It usually refers to products that do not directly constitute the product in the actual production process. In order to meet the normal production and operation, non-productive materials for the maintenance, repair, and operation of the company's equipment, machinery, and facilities are often referred to as non-production raw materials. Industrial supplies.


Today, as the country vigorously advocates the “Internet Plus”, the spring of the industrial Internet has only just begun. A development system suitable for the “Internet Plus” era has become extremely urgent. Many industries will present new forms of manufacturing. This is not only for the industry. The chain put forward the requirements of “scale” and also sounded the alarm for transformation and upgrading to corporate procurement management. The MRO industry under the wave of e-commerce has developed rapidly. The online malls for industrial products such as B2B, B2C, and O2O have emerged like mushrooms. The innovative self-operated shopping mall is ready to go.



MRO Self-operated Shopping Mall   The mainstream mode of supply of industrial products


Comparing with foreign markets, the MRO industrial products procurement market of domestic enterprises is mostly limited to the “traditional model”. One is through the wholesale distribution center where the company is located, and the other is the small trader around the company. The traditional procurement model exists. There are various drawbacks such as “high time consumption, unstable prices, high inventory levels, high quality of inferior materials, and high after-sales costs”, resulting in a large amount of time and costs, as well as loss of market response capability. This kind of indirect loss makes business managers intractable. The reason behind this is that the domestic MRO supply market is relatively fragmented and far from being scaled. At the same time, it is difficult for MRO suppliers to manage effectively. At the same time, there are ubiquitous “small scale, few varieties, opaque prices, scattered procurement, high warehousing costs, and low capital flow. "And other issues.


Therefore, how to improve the efficiency of the supply chain and reduce the cost of manufacturing has become a core issue that companies urgently need to solve. The gradual emergence and improvement of the MRO industrial products e-commerce platform will change the above shortcomings of the traditional MRO procurement market. The market needs a platform that allows companies to quickly and comprehensively understand the MRO supply market information. Enterprise purchasing customers will be more eager to choose a competitive product with competitive product prices, competitive prices, and a full-service MRO platform. Inventory, intelligent one-stop MRO industrial product procurement and management services. Obviously, MRO's self-operated shopping mall will become the mainstream model for the supply of industrial products. With the development of the industry and the market, the MRO demand for China's manufacturing industry will become increasingly diverse.


MRO platform flourishing "one-stop shopping" meteoric rise


According to the " Analysis Report on the Development Prospects and Investment Strategies of China's MRO Industrial Supermarket Industry 2015-2020, " published by the Industry Research Institute of Qianwang, the MRO industrial product store is better than traditional ones in terms of information technology, cost, brand and service. Industrial product sales channels have advantages. The impact of MRO industrial product procurement on enterprise cost control and profit cannot be ignored. The domestic MRO industrial product procurement market has a trillion-scale scale, especially the MRO online industrial product self-operated mall, which is rapidly being promoted in traditional enterprises. According to statistics, 82% of industrial customers in China will choose to purchase industrial products through the “Industrial Products Mall”, and 87% of Asian respondents also said that they will consider more about online purchasing.


MRO platform differentiation will determine the market


In the past ten years, MRO e-commerce platform presented a flourishing pattern in the Chinese market, each with its own characteristics. Each of the MRO industrial e-commerce platforms represented by Gu’anjie, Xieshi Electromechanical, Zhenkunxing, Mesmi , and South China City’s hardware malls Operational advantages are closely related to the unique industry positioning. For example, the advantages of Guinengrain are "advantageous product stocks are sufficient," and Western Region's network is "complete in product specifications, professional, cost-effective, and good in mobile experience". Zhenkun line is mainly for enterprises. provides maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) and other industrial supplies procurement services, Misumi's strengths was "high quality, low cost, short delivery, and with its own brand of high-end products," while showing gains For all kinds of e-commerce giants , South China City Hardware Mall uses “ brand factory sources , 100,0000+SKU category , physical warehouse logistics, and Jingdong cloud big data to provide technical support ” . In contrast to the above MRO representative platform, MRO platform differentiation will be Winning market  

The current one-stop creative and innovative one-stop sourcing platform gathers millions of quality supplier resources, and can improve the accuracy, breadth and speed of enterprise procurement sourcing based on system algorithms, manual matching, and network-wide promotion, and reduce material purchases. The cost can be used to provide a one-stop shop for common industrial products. It can also provide quality services such as selection quotes, delivery guarantees, and payment security guarantees, saving procurement costs.

The MRO industrial products e-commerce platform , represented by the South China City Network Hardware Mall, Gu'an Jie, Xishi Electromechanical, Zhenkunxing, and Messi, coincides with the tide of this era, and will surely usher in even more rapid development in the near future. The innovative MRO e-commerce platform seeks new management and service models under the general trend of the Internet, so as to provide enterprises with better service experience and create higher value industries, which is worth looking forward to.

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