Method for controlling pepper long worm

November 19, 2020

Damage characteristics of pepper aphids

The adults and nymphs clustered on the leaf back, young leaves, peduncle, and fruit of the host to suck the juice. The damaged leaves were yellowed and curled, the plants were short, the growth was poor, and even the wilting was dead. In addition, aphids are the vector of various viruses, leading to the prevalence of melon virus disease, causing severe crop losses.

Morphological characteristics of pepper aphids

The individual is small, the body length is about 2.1-2.3 mm, and the color variation is large, such as green, light yellow, dark green, purple brown, orange red, some thin spot white powder, head and chest black, etc.; Types of individuals, both sexual and orphaned, are more difficult to distinguish between species.

Life habits of pepper aphids

There is no wintering phenomenon in the three types of aphids in Hainan. When the population density of the aphids is too high or the plants are aging or poorly growing, a large number of winged aphids will migrate and spread. And by the spread of the wind, expand the scope of harm. The winged adult worm has a strong tendency to yellow, and has a negative tendency toward silvery white. It lives in a warm and dry environment. When the temperature is 18-25 ° C and the relative humidity is below 75%, it can occur in large quantities. Breeding, late spring, early summer and autumn are the peak period.

Method for controlling pepper aphids

1 clean the countryside. Remove weeds in the field and nearby to reduce the source of insects.

2 silver gray film cover cultivation. The use of aphids has a negative tendency to silver gray, to achieve the purpose of avoiding disease.

3 yellow traps. Using the characteristics of aphids that are fascinating to yellow, a yellow trap is placed in the field to trap the winged mites. The yellow plate is 1 m × 0.2 m in size, and the yellow part is coated with motor oil. It is inserted between the rows of peppers, 60 cm above the plant, and 30 pieces per acre.

4 chemical control. In the initial stage, use 10% high-efficiency Dagong WP 1000 times solution, or 50% Kang Wei WP 1000 times solution, or 10% more baobao emulsion 1000 times solution, or 10% worm 螨 3000 times Liquid, or 50.5% agricultural music 1500 times liquid, or 47% lesbian emulsion 1000 times liquid, etc., alternately used every 7-10 days, 2-3 times in succession.

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