Detailed description of the device elements of the rolling bearing

November 19, 2020

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Detailed description of the device elements of the rolling bearing

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2017-11-30

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I. View the dimensions and finishing conditions of the associated parts. 2. Clear the bearings and associated parts. The bearings that are now smooth with grease and the oil seal or dust cover on both sides; there is no need to clear the seal bearing device.
Third, the device method bearing device should be based on the bearing layout; scale size and the cooperative nature of the bearing components; the pressure should be directly added to the end face of the ferrule; the pressure should not be transmitted through the rolling body; the bearing device usually uses the following methods:
1. The tapered bore bearing of the tapered bore bearing can be directly mounted on the tapered journal; or the tapered surface of the adapter sleeve and the withdrawal sleeve; the tightness of the cooperation can be reduced by the radial clearance of the bearing. Measure; therefore; the radial clearance of the bearing should be measured before the device; the device should always measure the clearance to reach the required clearance reduction; the device usually uses the lock nut device; the heating device can also be used. .
2, heating cooperation through the heating bearing or bearing seat; the use of thermal expansion will transform the tight cooperation into loose cooperation device method. It is a common and labor-saving device method. This method is suitable for the device with large interference bearing; hot loading Put the bearing or the ferrule of the separate bearing into the fuel tank and heat it evenly at 80-100 °C; then remove it from the oil and load it on the shaft; to avoid the inner ring end face and the shoulder joint not tight after cooling; bearing cooling After the axial fastening can be carried out. When the outer ring of the bearing is tightly cooperated with the bearing seat made of light metal; the hot-filling method of the heated bearing seat is adopted; the cooperating surface can be prevented from being scratched. When the bearing is heated by the oil tank; There should be a grid at the interval; perhaps the bearing should be hung with a hook; the bearing should not be placed on the bottom of the box; to prevent the sinking of impurities into the bearing or uneven heating; there must be a thermometer in the tank; strictly control the oil temperature should not exceed 100 °C; Avoid the tempering effect; reduce the hardness of the ferrule.
3. Thrust bearing device The cooperation of the thrust bearing and the shaft is usually a transitional cooperation; the cooperation between the seat and the bearing housing hole is usually the cooperation of the gap; therefore, the bearing is easier to install; the axial spring of the two-way thrust bearing should be in the shaft Fixed; to avoid relative to the shaft transformation. The bearing device method; usually the condition of the shaft rotation is mostly; thus the cooperation between the inner ring and the shaft is a win-win cooperation; the cooperation between the outer ring of the bearing and the bearing chamber is the cooperation of the gap.
4. Pressing the inner ring of the cooperative bearing and the shaft to make tight cooperation; when the outer ring and the bearing housing hole are loosely cooperative; the bearing can be pressed on the shaft by the press; then the shaft is loaded into the bearing housing hole together with the bearing ; press-fit on the end face of the bearing inner ring; pad a device sleeve made of soft metal material (copper or mild steel); the inner diameter of the device bushing should be slightly larger than the diameter of the journal; the outer diameter should be smaller than the inner ring of the bearing边略.Yue 庋乖诒3 苌. The bearing outer ring and the bearing housing hole tightly cooperate; when the inner ring and the shaft are loosely cooperative; the bearing can be pressed into the bearing housing hole first; Should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the seat hole. If the bearing ring and the shaft and the seat hole are tightly cooperated; the inner ring and the outer ring of the device should be pressed together into the shaft and the seat hole; the layout of the device sleeve should be able to hold the bearing together The end faces of the ring and the outer ring.
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