Pingdingshan decoration company's ranking is actually the best

November 20, 2020

Pingdingshan City has a long history, which can be traced back more than 5,000 years ago. The long years have given it a different flavor. Pingdingshan's decoration market is very hot, there are many large and small decoration companies, although there is more choice, but it is not easy to find a good decoration company. The following small series for you to inventory Pingdingshan decoration company rankings, hoping to help you choose to a satisfactory company.

Pingdingshan Decoration Company 1, Pingdingshan Pinshang Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

Pinshang Decoration Co., Ltd. is a professional decoration company integrating interior design, budget, construction and materials. The company is engaged in the decoration industry for many years, has an innovative design, reasonable quotations, and a number of independent professional construction team to ensure the construction of green, safe and civilized.

Pingdingshan Decoration Company 2, Wei Shide overall home improvement

Wei Shide overall home improvement is committed to the quality of achievements brand, Seiko achievements wonderful! Is a set of high-end home interior design, high-end sales offices, clubs, offices and other public interior design and soft decoration design professional custom design and professional construction team s company.


Pingdingshan Decoration Company 3, Pingdingshan Yizhong Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

It is a company that specializes in the design of high-end home interior design, high-end sales offices, clubs, offices, and other professional interior design and soft furnishings, as well as professional construction teams.

Pingdingshan Decoration Company 4, Pingdingshan Exchange Space Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

Swap Space Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive engineering construction enterprise integrating decoration, design, construction and decoration. It is mainly engaged in indoor and outdoor decoration, decoration design and construction, and exchange of complex buildings, villas, and high-grade apartment buildings. Space people possess unique core competitiveness and are well-versed in project marketing and business positioning.


Pingdingshan Decoration Company 5, Pingdingshan Crocodile Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

Pingdingshan Crocodile Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. was approved by Pingdingshan City Administration of Industry and Commerce to integrate home decoration, tooling, design and construction. Since its inception, the company has always been adhering to the "customer for the sake of doing things for customers, helping customers save" new service concept, "to touch the customer with the service, so that word of mouth achievements of the brand" as the goal, carefully creating "home improvement service brand" .

Pingdingshan Decoration Co., Ltd. 6. Pingdingshan Yuxin Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

Integrity is the soul, quality is bone, and service is blood. Jingxian Yuxin Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. is a well-established integrity indoor and outdoor decoration Co., Ltd., has undertaken various types of home improvement and tooling projects for decades, and has won the recognition of thousands of owners with first-class quality.


Pingdingshan Decoration Company7, Pingdingshan City Daxie Tiancheng Decoration Company

Dayi Tiancheng Decoration Co., Ltd. is a modern decoration enterprise specializing in interior decoration, design and construction. My company has a strong, experienced construction team, since the establishment of the company is located in the middle and high-grade decoration design. Including home decoration design, restaurant decoration design, villa decoration design, construction of one-stop service.

Pingdingshan Decoration Company 8. Luzhou City Yijia Yiju Home Decoration Museum

Yijia Habitat blends Eastern traditional culture with international home furnishing fashion. With the new “Housing in One” concept of living environment and interior art design, it creates a beautiful, stylish and tasteful lifestyle for Chinese consumers. Yijia Yiju will strive to become an advocate of high quality home culture in China, which will re-emerge thousands of years of Chinese home civilization.


Pingdingshan Decoration Co., Ltd. 9, Henan Decoration Industry Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2010, Henan Decoration Group Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. is a decoration design company integrating indoor and outdoor decoration design performance, engineering construction and decoration materials. The company undertakes the design, decoration, and construction of space services such as ordinary residences, luxury villas, apartments, offices, hotels, shopping malls, KTVs, hospitals, schools, and restaurants.

10 Pingdingshan decoration company, Henan Purple Pearl Decoration Engineering Company Limited

Henan Purple Pearl Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in January 2015 as a limited liability company with decoration engineering design and construction. Registered capital of 10 million, three national qualifications, can undertake 8 million projects.

The above is about Pingdingshan decoration company 's introduction, I hope to help you. If you want to learn more about Pingdingshan decoration company, please pay attention to this site decoration information channel.

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