Living room decoration renderings color matching living room decoration design function

November 20, 2020

In this society with rising living standards, the number and beauty of the living room has become a way for people to enjoy life. The living room decoration effect map reflects the personality characteristics and quality of life of the owner.


First, the matching of the living room decoration color

1. With some European style living rooms, the wide wooden beams and European chandeliers at the ceiling make this living room look full of design. The white comfortable sofa and wooden coffee table add a little natural atmosphere to the living room space. The decorative paintings are simple and refined, with warm lighting to create a comfortable and comfortable feel for the entire living room. Sometimes it is a good choice to put a large green plant in the living room to decorate the space. The wooden floor can make the room feel light and warm, and the long and narrow bay window design can not only make the living room a little smaller. Block leisure area, you can also use the bay window space for storage.

2, the general color of the room is lighter or colder. The south-facing living room has plenty of sunshine, with a colder shade, and the north-facing living room can be warmer. The color tone is mainly reflected by the ground, the wall surface and the top surface, while the decorations, furniture and the like only serve to adjust and supplement. In short, to be comfortable and convenient, warm and friendly, rich and full, so that people have a warm and peaceful feeling. In the slightly Moroccan-style living room, the bright lemon-yellow wall is illuminated by warm-colored wall lamps, which makes this living room reveal a warm and charming space charm. The light-colored floor tiles make the living room floor look neat and smooth.

3, the living room decoration has a variety of styles, such as: European classical style, more often use gold and silver to present the style and retro charm of the room. Most of the furniture in the living room decoration has patterns and carvings, especially the patterns with flowers and trees, and the lines are beautiful. European style overall color matching is mainly white and light color, generally beige, light brown as the main color, white, ivory, milky white color, the entire space shows a gorgeous warm feeling, the primary and secondary, let the whole space The color is more elegant and harmonious.

4, black and white color is not to say that the living room only uses these two colors, in fact, there are some colors can be added, but black and white are the main colors. These two colors are mainly reflected in walls, floors and furniture. The walls and floors are white and the furniture can be black or white. However, if you use only these two colors indoors, it may cause a particularly strong impact. In order to solve this problem, the best way is to add gray as a transition. For example, adding gray carpets, gray curtains, etc.

Second, the living room decoration design function

1. The living room has many functions: it is a place for activities such as family activities, entertainment, leisure, communication, etc., and it is also a social space for receiving guests. Some residential spaces are relatively large, and they also have the functions of eating, learning, and meeting guests. The living room is the center of home and life. The frequency of use is very high. It is convenient to use various functions, which directly affects the life of the owner. If the living room is to be practical, it must be properly functionalized according to its own needs. The living room area can be divided. There are two methods of hard distinction and soft division. Soft division is to use "hint method" to shape the space, using different decoration materials, decorative techniques, characteristic furniture, lighting modeling and so on.

2. Due to the versatility of the living room and the large area, it is usually used in the partition of the design functional area. Commonly used forms are wooden cabinet partitions, art screen partitions, flower format partitions, floor partitions, and the use of ceiling lighting to control the strength and weakness of the grid. In some cases, "hidden" can also be used. The so-called hidden type means that "the space used is hidden and cannot be seen on the bright surface." Large-area floor-to-ceiling windows enhance the light source and expand the space view for this small space. Coupled with white curtains, it weakens the heat of direct sunlight and increases the privacy of the space.


The living room is the facade, the decoration must be more attractive ! So Xiaobian has compiled a little about the living room decoration renderings, I hope to help you ! If you want to know more about the decoration, Please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network !

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