"Thrust bearing device" precautions

November 20, 2020

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"Thrust bearing device" precautions

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2017-11-30

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Planar thrust bearings are the first to accept axial loads in the assembly; they are widely used. Although the thrust bearing device is relatively simple to operate, there are often faults in the practice of repair; that is, the bearing ring and the loose ring device are not oriented correctly; The bearing loses the effect; the journal is quickly worn out. The inner ring of the tight ring and the journal are in transitional cooperation; when the shaft changes, the strand moves tightly; and the end face of the stop is in conflict; in the axial effect force (Fx) Time; will show that the conflicting moment is greater than the inner diameter cooperative resistance torque; the tight ring and the shaft cooperation surface forced transformation; increase the journal wear.
Therefore, the following points are made on the precautions for the thrust bearing device:
(1) Identify the tight ring and loose ring of the bearing (determined according to the inner diameter of the bearing; the hole diameter difference is 0. 1 ~ O. 5mm).
(2) Identify the stop pieces of the tissue (ie, the parts that do not attack the movement; the first refers to the assembly).
(3) No matter what the situation; the loose ring of the bearing should always rest on the end face of the stop.
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