How to adjust the consistency of the coated silica?

November 21, 2020

Coated silica gel is a new type of environmentally friendly material. It has been widely used in daily necessities. Coated silica gel is widely used in cotton, polyester, nylon, linen, wool, silk, non-slip cloth. Waterproof cloth, sealing cloth, high temperature resistant cloth, low temperature resistant cloth, insulating cloth, anticorrosive cloth, high-grade tent fabric for field use, high-grade umbrella cloth, anti-aging cloth, etc.

Coated silica gel is not like other addition-formed silica gel. It has softness and hardness. Coated silica gel is a liquid silicone without hardness. It only has a cover, base, light, matte, right angle, rounded corner, and coated. Cloth silica gel is a kind of thick glue. Generally, the original glue can only be used as a primer. If there is no thinning, there is basically no way to operate!

The coated silica gel basically does not need to be thickened, and only needs to be diluted. There are two methods for coating the silica gel in the industry. One is to add 407 dilution water, and the other is to add silicone oil. Adding silica gel will result in very fluidity. Well, the surface is easy to level, easy to discharge, want to know more ways to operate, please contact Zhou S exclusive: hfdd1993!!

Advantages of coating silica gel: low shrinkage, no low molecular weight during cross-linking, so the volume is constant, shrinkage is less than 0.1%, anti-slip performance is excellent; no pollution; low hardness; strong adhesion, wear resistance, resistance Washing, high temperature resistance; high level of three-dimensional, excellent texture. Easy to use for flower band, webbing, non-slip tape, woven trademark products, special brand silica gel (fabric coated silicone), non-slip floral tablecloth, medical garter , food grade, non-toxic and tasteless, passed FDA food grade certification, high transparency, high tensile strength, tear resistance, good bonding effect!

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There are many kinds of LCD classification standards, which can be divided into passive matrix and active matrix according to the driving mode

Passive matrix: Passive matrix LCD can be divided into TN-LCD(TwistedNematic LCD), STN-LCD(SuperTN-LCD) and DSTN-LCD(Doublelayer STN-LCD).

Active matrix: Active matrix LCD, also known as TFT-LCD, is widely used at present. Tft-lcd is short for thin-filmliquid-Crystal Display

The TFT-thin Film Transistor

Liquid Crystal Display

Short for TFT-LCD Liquid-CrystalDisplay

Tft-lcd has been widely used in various display equipment due to its advantages of small size, light weight, low radiation, low power consumption and full color.

Functions of TFT-LCD structure

(1) Backlight plate module: provide the source of light;

(2) Upper and lower polarizing plates, TFT Glass Substrate, liquid crystal: forming polarized light, controlling the passage of light;

(3) Color filters: Provide Tft Lcd red, green and blue (three primary colors of light) sources;

(4) ITO transparent conductive layer: provide transparent conductive path;

(5) Photo Spacer: Provide a fixed height for color filters and TFT Glass Substrate. As a space for liquid crystal infusion, and as a support for the upper and lower Glass layers.

Industrial and Medical Display

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