【Life Detector】 Brief Description of Functions of Three Kinds of Life Detectors

November 22, 2020

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First, radar life detector

Radar life detector is suitable for earthquakes, collapses, and rubble under the collapse of buildings. It is suitable for fire protection, municipal, mine rescue and other institutions. The CGA, customs, borders, ports and security personnel can detect whether there are stowaways in the container compartment.

1 , system composition

Radar life detector is mainly composed of radar host and display controller.

2 , working principle

The radar life detector analyzes and determines the presence and absence of living bodies and the specific location information of living bodies in the ruins based on the Doppler effect of the human body's telemetry on the radar echoes. It makes full use of the wide spectrum, penetrating power, high resolution, good anti-interference, low power consumption and other characteristics of nanosecond-level electromagnetic pulse pulses. It is launched from the surface of ruins to the ruins within the rescue scenes such as earthquake disasters and collapse accidents. Second-order pulsed electromagnetic waves, signal processing after echo coherent reception, filtering echoes from stationary targets such as walls and rubbles, and detecting and displaying only remote moving limbs, heart and lungs, etc. The purpose of search and rescue survivors. It effectively overcomes some of the inherent technical flaws in the audio, optical, and infrared life detectors, especially in the context of strong noise at the disaster site, which can help rescue workers to determine the presence and location of survivors more quickly, easily, and effectively. Greatly reduce the blindness and workload of rescue work, improve the efficiency of rescue, and have important use value for maximizing the life safety of the people.

3 , use method

(1) Place the radar life detector host in a suitable location and the detection surface should be facing the area to be detected.

(2) The firefighters shall hold the display controller and keep quiet at least 5 meters away from the radar host to avoid body movement.

(3) Press the radar host's power switch to turn on the power.

(4) Press the power switch of the display controller, click "Enter system" in the lower left corner of the screen, click "Start detection" in "Probe interface", the radar host starts scanning the target area, and the result is fed back to the display controller.

4 、Precautions

(1) Electromagnetic waves cannot penetrate metal obstacles for detection.

(2) If the given distance information is more stable, the test results are more reliable.

(3) After use, you should exit the radar detection software, and then turn off the radar host power supply.

Second, video life detector

Video life detectors are used for site search personnel such as building collapses. Through the video probe of the detector, the position and state of the trapped person are determined, and the waterproof property is available, and it can be used in the rain.

1 , system composition

The video life detector is mainly composed of a display screen, a detection camera, a cable, a headphone, a microphone, a light, and a power source.

2 , working principle

The video life detector converts the light radiation emitted or reflected by an object into an electric signal and processes the image of the current object through the signal to achieve the purpose of search and rescue. There is a hose or hard tube in front of the detector and the fiber detection camera and the light at the end. The probe camera will be drilled into the small gaps in the disaster scene to visually detect trapped persons and display the recorded images on the detector's display screen.

3 , use method

Insert the battery into the monitor's power card slot, and connect the cable to the operating handle to mount the probe camera at the top of the operating handle. Clear the obstacles, press the power switch, and probe the camera into the collapsed interior to search for trapped persons. The prober can observe the internal situation through the monitor and talk with the trapped person.

4 、Precautions

(1) Use gently to prevent accidents such as throwing and squeezing, and pay attention to waterproof, anti-corrosion and anti-high temperature.

(2) Probing camera lights should be turned on for detection.

(3) During the detection process, protect the lens of the detection camera to avoid scratches.

Third, audio life detector

The audio life detector is suitable for earthquakes, collapses, and rubble under the collapse of buildings. It is suitable for fire protection, municipal, mine rescue and other institutions. Applicable to limited space and conventional methods Rescue workers are inaccessible for rescue work, such as feedback on collapsed buildings, deep wells, mines, etc., for victims trapped in confined spaces; deformed cars, planes, ships, trains, wrecks and the naked eye Difficult to see places, sewers, mines and underground locations to locate missing persons.

1 , system composition

The audio life detector is mainly composed of host computer, audio sensor, earphone, intercom probe, power supply and connection cable. '

2 , working principle

The audio life detector uses a special microelectronic processor to identify tiny vibrations that propagate in air or solids. It is suitable for searching for survivors who are trapped in concrete, rubble or other solids. It can accurately identify sounds from survivors such as shouting. , tapping, scoring, or tapping. At the same time, you can filter the surrounding background noise. Life detectors can help rescuers locate survivors who have moved, struck or called for help.

3 , use method

Connect the audio sensors and the host; connect the headset and the host: turn on the power switch of the host; turn on the “sensor” switch on the host to ensure that all audio sensors have a signal display on the host; reasonably arrange the audio sensor according to the site conditions and use headphones to carefully monitor. When you hear a voice reaction, immediately look for the strongest audio sensor to determine the trapped position. If there is space or artificial hole punching, the walkie-talkie probe will be close to the trapped person, and press the “Talkback” button on the main unit to talk.

4 、Precautions

( 1 ) When connecting the audio sensor, it is necessary to pay attention to the concave and convex grooves. After aligning, make connections and firmly connect them. Connect and set the audio sensors according to the serial number.

( 2 ) Do not place the audio sensor too close. Keep it at a distance of more than Im , otherwise it will show the same amplitude signal.

( 3 ) The rescue scene should be kept as quiet as possible.

Fourth, life detector application example

In the Wenchuan earthquake rescue four JII May 12, 2008, the Chinese experts and the world, using the life detector detection, search and rescue tens of thousands of trapped countrymen. Among them, the longest burying time of the searched and rescued compatriots was more than 216 hours. The life detector played an indelible role in the search and rescue of the Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan. The life detector is an electric field generated by sensing the ultra-low frequency waves emitted by the human body. ( produced by the heart ) to find the location of the living person n . Equipped with a special electromagnetic filter can filter out other animals, such as dogs, cats, cattle, horses, pigs, etc., from humans, so that the life detector will only Sensing the electric field generated by the frequency emitted by humans, the instrument is equipped with two kinds of different detection rods, the long-distance detection rod can reach a distance of 500 meters and a short distance of 20 meters. Convergence wall, steel plate.When the instrument encounters the above obstacles, the detection distance will be reduced, but as long as the operator moves closer to the detection location, the human target to be searched can still be accurately found.

After the instrument's target lock function detects the electric field generated by the human body emitting ultra-low frequency, the detection rod will automatically lock this electric field. When the human body moves, the detection rod will also follow the movement. The other is equipped with a laser spot to provide the operator with a search for the direction of the detection bar. Through computer aided and continuous training, the instrument finds human targets more accurately and quickly than other life detectors, and its application range is quite extensive:

1 . The rescue team can find the victims buried in the rubble in the dumped buildings.

2 . Police officers can detect the position of criminals and hostages for reference when attacking.

3 Inspectors, customs, borders, ports, and security personnel can detect the presence of stowaways in containers and vehicles. The long-distance antenna reconnaissance distance is up to 500 meters. It can assist the coastal patrol personnel to detect the landing position of the smuggling personnel.

Conclusion: The life detector is a new type of detection equipment that has been widely used since its launch. Saving people will always be the first place in disaster relief. Therefore, life detectors will play a more important role in the future rescue and disaster relief.

The information in this article is referenced from "Firefighting Technology Equipment" and reorganized by China Rescue Equipment Network.

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