It’s no wonder that the intestinal toxins are not so fat! You need a thin coffee!

November 22, 2020

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The intestine is the main channel through which the body absorbs nutrients. In order to maintain a healthy body, the toxins in the body are eliminated in time to maintain the cleanliness of the intestinal environment. What are the best ways to detoxify the intestines? Many of our daily foods are foods that protect the intestines from detoxification. Eating these foods is good for your health and can also detoxify your face. For example, you can eat kelp, spinach, pig blood have detoxification effect.

There are many best ways to detoxify the intestines. In fact, exercise is also one of the most important methods of detoxification. Running can speed up blood circulation, promote the discharge of body toxins, and also accelerate gastrointestinal motility. There is also plenty of water. Many people forget to drink water after they are busy with work. In fact, this situation will hinder the progress of detoxification of their body, because both organ metabolism and cell repair are inseparable from moisture. Most of the ingredients in our body are also composed of water, so we must maintain adequate water supplement every day.

Long-term sedentary and non-exercise will affect your defecation. Some friends have constipation all year round, and will defecate once in 2-3 days. In this case, the stool in the body will increase, and it is easy to cause intestinal diseases. It is recommended that you usually have a good intention. Go to the toilet immediately, and often massage the abdomen to help with bowel movements.

Thin coffee polypeptide jelly, concentrated grapefruit, Aloe vera gel, lotus leaf, collagen peptide, vinegar beans, green juice, lactulose, fruit and vegetable enzyme powder and other nutrients, extracting multiple nutrients. Help the intestines absorb nutrients and eliminate stools. Thin coffee focuses on the health problems caused by people who are busy and busy, and provides delicious nutritious sugar for living conditions.

Thin coffee polypeptide soft candy treatment


Black, hard and granular

Defecation is difficult when defecation is anal bleeding

Defecation for two days and more than two days is constipation!

❷ diarrhea, irritable bowel

The performance is acute, chronic diarrhea, continuous defecation with a sense of urgency, anal discomfort, no stool, no increase in water, increased frequency of bowel movements!


Normal stools should be slightly acidic and not pungent!!

❹ fart is stinking

Harmful bacteria in the intestine produce a large amount of sulfurized gas

Causes frequent stinks, stinks and stinks

Bad breath

Exhaled breath in the mouth gives off an unpleasant smell

❻ rough, dark complexion

Toxins in the body cannot be removed from the body in time

Causes rough skin, dullness, repeated acne, etc.

Eva Mat is a kind of foam mat for EVA sport mat, EVA Exercise Mat, and Eva Training Mat, made from Eco-friendly, high density, closed cell, non-smell and non-toxic EVA foam material.

The EVA Mat is offered in either 60cm x 60cm size or 100cm x 100cm size. 60cm x 60cm size. With interlocking edges, the mats can be easy to connect together without any loose.


60cm x 60cm EVA mat is normally applied in room, or gym. It is easy to store, more popular for the personal exercise lovers to use at home. Also it can be a good protection for home flooring if you are intended to set up a heavy training equipment in your house.


100cm x 100cm EVA mat is also called Martial Arts Mat, Taekwondo mat, Karate mat, Judo mat, Jiu Jitsu mat and Aikido mat, cause it is normally applied in dojo for Taekwondo, Karate, Judo, Jiu Jitsu and Aikido training. Also the mat is reversible with double colors, which forms a standard size flooring for training.



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