Liquefied gas spray gun type liquefied gas spray gun use method liquefied gas spray gun temperature

November 24, 2020

Abstract: The liquefied gas gas torch is a heating and welding tool with liquefied gas as fuel. It can be used up to 1300° high temperature, with low cost, safe and convenient, no pollution and stable performance. Below, we will learn about the model of the liquefied gas Spray Gun and the method of using the liquefied gas spray gun.

[liquefied gas spray gun] liquefied gas spray gun type liquefied gas spray gun use method liquefied gas spray gun temperature

LPG spray gun model

What is the difference between the liquefied gas spray gun type 30 and type 50? Type 30 or 50 refers to the diameter of the spout, and the diameter of the 30-type spout is 30 mm. The large spray nozzle has a large firepower and is suitable for large-area barbecues.

LPG gas torch application range

Suitable for metal material welding, mechanical parts heating treatment (stained fire), foundry industry (mud core baking), trapping roof (melting asphalt), wooden boat maintenance (drying), meat processing (hair removal), communication cable repair, The old paint shovel melts, the jewelry processing, the wood products are baked, the granite surface is smooth, and the winter car starts heating.

How to use liquefied gas spray gun

1. Check: Connect the parts of the spray gun, tighten the gas pipe clamp, (or tighten with the iron wire), connect the liquefied gas joint, close the spray gun switch, loosen the liquefied gas cylinder valve, and check whether the components leak.

2. Ignition: Slightly release the spray gun switch and directly ignite the spray nozzle to adjust the spray gun switch to the desired temperature.

3. Close: First close the valve of the liquefied gas cylinder. After the flame is turned off, turn off the switch. Do not leave residual gas in the pipe. Hang the spray gun and the gas pipe and put it in a dry place.

Liquefied gas spray gun use precautions

1. This product is strictly prohibited from oiling

2. Found that the gas pipe has burns, aging, wear, should be replaced in time

3. Leave the liquefied gas bottle more than 2 meters when using

4. Always check the parts and keep them sealed

5. Do not use inferior gas. If the air hole is found to be clogged, loosen the nut before the switch or the nut between the nozzle and the air pipe.

LPG gas torch temperature

The liquefied gas spray gun is a heating and welding tool that uses liquefied gas as fuel. The correct use of high temperature up to 1300 ° has low cost, safety and convenience, no pollution and stable performance.

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