The characteristics of a single-family villa introduces the common sense of the decoration of a single-family villa

November 24, 2020

Nowadays people's economic level is constantly improving, the pursuit of material is getting higher and higher, and more and more privacy is also being paid. This is the reason why single-family villas are liked by people, then we are alone. How much is the understanding of the villa, then let the decoration home decoration network Xiaobian to introduce to you, what are the characteristics of the single-family villa, and what are the skills and precautions in the decoration of the single-family villa .


First, the characteristics of a single-family villa

1. Value-added, it is understood that some single-family villas in the UK have increased by nearly 400% in ten years; the value of single-family villas in the United States has continued to rise during the economic crisis... According to the data, the value of single-family villas has been stable for so many years. Growth curve.

2, privacy, ancient and modern Chinese and foreign, villas adhere to the privacy of life, single-family villas are even more vivid. Private "land", private gardens, private garages, private living, single-family buildings are not affected by the outside world; in addition, a single-family home can make life more peaceful and far-reaching. A single-family, living in the city, but a paradise.

3. Scarcity, since the promulgation of the self-restricted villa order, the land for the construction of single-family villas is no longer approved, and the urban villas are faced with the situation of buying one less one. Urban land is becoming increasingly scarce. According to statistics, after 2006, the development of villas in the country, especially in first-tier cities, has been decreasing year by year. Among them, single-family villas with low density and low volume ratio are the first to bear the brunt, and single buildings are becoming scarcer.

4. The single-family villa is a single-family house with independent space. There is a private garden territory and a basement. It is a private house with strong privacy. It is an independent space both up and down, and there are areas around the house. Green spaces, courtyards, swimming pools, pavilions, basketball courts, etc. This type is a long-established villa, with strong privacy and high market prices.

Second, the introduction of single-family villa decoration skills

1. Choose the “management type” decoration company. The villa decoration involves a wide range of projects. There are no less than 10 professional construction institutions, and the operation time is mostly between 4 and 5 months. The importance of process management is particularly prominent. In this process, if the management company with strong predictability and coordination has effective, systematic coordination and organization of design, construction (including installation of various facilities and equipment), and supervision of participating institutions, it will be greatly reduced. The possibility of various types of construction problems.

2. The bidding method chooses the decoration company. The decoration of the villa is very professional. The customers don't know much about it. In the design resources owned by the company, the design company chooses the decoration company by way of bidding. The customer chooses the comparison and chooses the most. A design that reflects your overall needs. Customers believe that there are only more choices to find something that suits them. In the process of competing with many home improvement companies, in addition to satisfying the customer's requirements for design style and function, the designer must meet some special requirements of the customer under the premise of reasonable control of the cost. Beijing Zhongjian Lianyi Building Decoration Co., Ltd. is a management company that integrates professional design, high-quality materials traders, high-quality labor service partners, top decoration management talents, high-quality financial institutions, industry upstream and downstream partners, and Internet platforms.


Third, the decoration of the single-family villa

1. Pay attention to the lighting and ventilation of the house. The roof window becomes the highlight of the building, emphasizing the openness of the building, achieving maximum daylighting, avoiding the formation of thermal resistance, and thus achieving adequate ventilation. If adequate ventilation is not achieved, it is not only harmful to the building, but also affects the health of the person living in the house.

2, pay attention to high-tech, villa design, in structural design, and technical equipment, we must pay attention to high-tech design, especially intelligent systems, such as lighting control systems, central dust removal systems, intelligent home appliance control systems and intelligent security Monitoring systems, etc., can fully reflect the convenience brought by high technology for life.

3, pay attention to privacy, villas should pay attention to the functional division of space, the privacy of each other should pay attention to, while ensuring the independence, security, privacy of each activity interval, the space value will be played out.

The related content of the single-family villa is introduced to you here. I hope that after reading the article above the small series, the friends will have a deeper understanding of the single-family villa. It is the dream of Xiaobian to have a single-family villa. I hope that friends who have the same dreams as me will work hard together. If you want to know more about home improvement information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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