What are the advantages and disadvantages of floor leather?

November 25, 2020

Now every step of the decoration materials are very diverse, and floor leather has gradually become a popular trend. The reason why floor leather is more and more popular is because it is stylish and cost-effective and very practical. The floor can be said to be a home decoration facade, so the choice of floor is certainly very important. Today, Xiao Bian has come to understand the advantages and disadvantages of floor leather for everyone and what to watch for when buying floor leather.

First, what are the advantages and disadvantages of floor leather

(A) The advantages of floor leather

1, price, cost-effective

The price of floor leather is much more affordable than wood flooring.

2, easy to clean

Because the floor leather is waterproof and water resistant, it is especially convenient for cleaning. It can be scrubbed directly with water, or it can be directly cleaned with a direct selection of a wet mop.

3, pattern diversification, choose more

Everyone has a different view of the United States, so the choice is certainly not the same. The rich patterns and colors of floor leather can provide the most complete choices for different consumers. Everyone can choose a floor leather according to their preferences and aesthetics.

4, easy to install

Floor leather is very convenient to install, so there are many people who, after purchasing a good floor leather, can even install themselves, which saves time and labor.

(B) The disadvantages of floor leather

1, no wood flooring environmental protection

Wooden flooring is more environmentally friendly and durable than floor leather. Because wood flooring is made from natural wood, it is more environmentally friendly.

2, the decorative effect is not perfect

Because it is artificial leather, the decorative effect is not so real and natural, and the wooden floor will look more real and high-end.

3, wooden floor is more precious than floor leather

Wood flooring is derived from natural forest resources. After precision processing, it has a certain amount of artistic value, bringing more opportunities for home decoration.

Second, buy floor leather should pay attention to what

1, to identify whether the product has a stimulating chemical smell

When everyone buys building materials, they all know that the odor of harmful substances is more serious than the standard. Therefore, in the purchase of floor leather, the smell of the product is certainly not environmentally friendly.

2. Observe the thickness of floor leather

It is important that the thickness of floor leather is full. Also observe whether there is delamination in the foam layer, print layer, and wear layer of floor leather . The thickness of the bottom layer is sufficient.

3, the thickness is too thin floor leather is best not to choose

Too thin floor leather , the general tear strength can not meet the requirements, it is difficult to restore the original after rolling up the floor leather . It is also prone to creases and delamination.

Editing summary: The above is Xiaobian on the advantages and disadvantages of floor leather and what to pay attention to the purchase of floor leather. After reading this article, do you have a more comprehensive understanding of floor leather? Do you like it?

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