How to decorate the bedroom decoration? Bedroom decoration skills introduction

November 26, 2020

There are a lot of families who are busy with how to decorate the house. Some homes are caring for their bedroom renovations . So what should I do? How to decorate it? The bottom is Xiaobian, I want to tell everyone how to decorate the bedroom and the knowledge of bedroom decoration skills!


Bedroom decoration tips:

1. Invisible privacy, that is, the material used for the door leaf should be as thick as possible. It should not be directly closed with 3 PCT or 5 PCT. If 5 PCT is used, it is better to put a 3-layer panel on the board. The lower part of the door leaf is kept at a distance of about 0.3-0.5 cm from the ground.

2, the curtain should be thick and cloth, if it is a thin curtain, it should also be a layer of screen window. This is also advantageous for reducing the interference of light during sleep.

3. This requires the bedroom to have a certain sound insulation. Generally speaking, the sound insulation of the partition wall is sufficient, but some owners have space-based problems. They always like to knock off the partition between the two houses and then make a two-way or one-way wardrobe. This kind of practice needs attention.

4, do less complicated ceilings In order to be able to sleep peacefully, it is best not to use the complicated ceiling form in the bedroom, that is, to do less to do the ceiling, generally with straight lines and simple top.

5, the floor decoration materials are also a number of floor tiles, floors and carpets, although the use of floor tiles to lay the bedroom floor is not uncommon, but it is recommended that the floor of the bedroom should not choose the floor tiles. After all, the bedroom floor is best to feel comfortable, warm and quiet. And to meet this requirement is the floor and carpet.

6, the bedroom color as light, warm, harmonious, warm as well, pink is cheerful and feminine, blue is cool and romantic, gray or tea is elegant and elegant, yellow is full of warm atmosphere. However, there are also common roads, post-modern color matching, black and white fierce comparison, etc., according to the detailed personality, is also very good.

7, the bedroom's function is mainly to sleep and rest, is a private space, not open to the guests, so the bedroom decoration does not have to have too many shapes, usually do not need a ceiling, the wall is treated as simple as possible, usually brush latex paint, The walls on the headboard can be shaped and embellished appropriately. The wall decoration of the bedroom should not be too much, and it should be properly matched with the wall materials and furniture. The style and mood of the bedroom are not determined by the hard decoration of walls, floors, roofs, etc., but by the soft decoration of curtains, bedspreads, wardrobes, etc. They are large in size, and their patterns and colors often dominate the bedroom. Style, become the main theme of the bedroom.

8, the floor is quiet and comfortable is the cork floor, and if you are not afraid to clean, you can also choose to fill the floor. However, under the trade-off, the best solution is to lay the floor and lay a small carpet on the edge of the bed. Similarly, when choosing the floor decoration materials, we must also pay attention to its environmental protection.


9, is to choose the right furniture. For example, the bed can be purchased a larger one, and the furniture such as the wardrobe, the dressing table and the computer desk can be appropriately added. Of course, you can also make a TV cabinet in the bed and watch TV news at night when you sleep. Therefore, it is not a problem to decorate the bedroom too much. It is important to know how to purchase the furniture.

10. How to decorate the bedroom of the bedroom is convenient to use. In the bedroom, a large amount of clothes and bedding are usually placed. Therefore, the storage space must be considered when decorating, not only to play but also to be convenient to use. There are bedside tables on both sides of the bed for placing desk lamps, alarm clocks and other things that can be touched by hand. Some bedrooms have more functions, and should also consider the location of the dressing table and desk.

The above is the introduction of our bedroom decoration. For the decoration of the bedroom, we must pay attention to the convenience of use, and the space change of the bedroom can guarantee the basic needs of our living. There are also people who want to remember our decoration home network, pay more attention.

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