How to quickly scrape the old floor tile to remove the floor tile how much money a square

November 26, 2020

Renovation is very complicated for most people, and it is also a very annoying thing, and there may be some unsatisfactory phenomena during the renovation. At this time, the workers may be required to rework. The following Xiao Bian will introduce to you how the old floor tiles can quickly scrape off and remove floor tiles.

How to quickly shovel old floor tiles

How to quickly scrape the old floor tiles , if you want to refurbish the old floor tiles can first be divided into two cases, one is to eradicate the original floor tiles, and the second is to spread new floor tiles directly on the surface of old tiles. Here I have to remind you to pay attention to the ground level and raised ground height.

Eliminate the old brick: If your home's floor tiles are already partially damaged, more empty or detached, the surface enamel is worn, or seriously dirty, you must remove it and replace it, and then simply fix it. That's it. If you only consider replacing a few tiles, this will be more difficult, because after many years of use, you may find that you cannot find the same color. If you do so, the effect will be affected.

New floor tiles directly: Currently, there are also some brick wall renovation materials on the market. There are two kinds of ceramic tile surface treatment agents and ceramic tiles and mosaic adhesives. These materials are relatively simple to use and can be painted directly on old bricks. On the surface, and then paving new floor tiles, this method can save time and effort.

How much is a square of floor brick removed

1, in fact, this is not a unified standard price, in general, according to the actual size of the project to charge, of which tiles are generally around 20 yuan per square meter; demolished masters are also directly to the scene to see before knowing the price, if If all parties are satisfied, then they can be priced on the spot and they can start working.

2. If the house is lived for a long time, it is inevitable that the old object will be removed. This is to add new things. Therefore, before removing the tiles, you must first estimate the cost of the demolition, so as to avoid being squeezed by the business. At the same time, do a good job in the demolition of the transformation methods so that it can fill the vacant tiles in a timely manner.

Summarizing: How about the cost of scraping and dismantling the floor tiles in the old floor tile and how much it is related to the content of the square floor. In this case, the old floor tiles should be removed according to the actual situation, so that we know which method to use will be more appropriate. As for the price, there is no uniform standard. The actual size of the project should be used for collection. The above prices are for reference only.

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