Shenzhen Lei Zhenzi: No House, No Safe Household Appliances, Thunderproof Measures

November 26, 2020

Recently, the number of thunderstorms has suddenly increased, and the number of electrical breakdowns caused by thunder and lightning has also increased. Some household appliances will also cause fires after being struck by lightning. Why indoor household appliances can also be struck by lightning? In recent days, various regions have successively issued lightning yellow warning signals. It seems that this year's thunderstorms are extremely violent. How to ensure safety?
Thunderbolts have direct lightning strikes and induced lightning attacks. The main reason why the lightning season affects the safety of household appliances is due to the intrusion of induced lightning. Inductive lightning means that when lightning strikes, high-intensity electromagnetic induction generated on various types of metal pipes and wires that enter buildings leads to a sudden increase in the conductor voltage of the wire, causing the household appliance to burn out or even burn.
Some electrical appliances are connected to outdoor equipment. In thunderstorms, if used, it is easy to cause tragedy. In addition, cable and wireless phones should be used with caution during thunderstorms, and thunderstorms. In the boot state, especially when the phone is on the phone, the electromagnetic wave signal is strong, which easily triggers “inductive lightning” and is thus struck by lightning.
In fact, lightning is conducted through wires, antennas, and telephone lines, and the connected electrical equipment is damaged. Most of the appliances in the home are brought into the room by wires. If a lightning strike occurs, the power plugs of household appliances such as televisions and refrigerators are not unplugged, which can easily cause damage to the television electrical components or the refrigerator compressor.
Therefore, the conditional residents should install power surge arresters on the power supply home and install special surge arresters on sensitive electrical appliances. Residents of high-rise residential buildings should keep away from metal doors and windows as much as possible, and must close doors and windows during thunder and lightning storms, and pull out unprotected lightning protection. Protected electrical power supply. Shenzhen Leizhenzi Technology recommends using LZZ-220M/40 lightning protector to protect!

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