Why is the reason why the floor tiles do not have to soak in water?

November 27, 2020

Home decoration, to paste the tiles, but suddenly heard people say that the tiles need to be bubbling before you want to paving, this is because of what reason? In addition, why some bricks do not soak it? Below, small series of tiles Why do you not need to soak in water and make concrete analysis under water?

First, why do not soak the floor tiles

Generally speaking, bricks are required to be soaked in water, and the next step is to tile. So why not soak water? This is because the floor tiles are glass tiles or polished tiles. This kind of glass tiles do not need to be soaked and can be dried directly. Even if the tiles are soaked in water, the water absorption rate is less than 0.5% and the absorption is very low. In fact, there is no use for soaking water.

Second, what is the reason why the tiles are soaked in water?

I believe that many people are decorated white, the knowledge of the tile is also very strange, know that all the tiles should be soaked out of water, in fact, is not the case, to soak the tiles sometimes depends on the situation may be.

1, need to give the tiles to soak in water, this is to avoid the tiles absorb the moisture in the cement mortar, after the decoration is completed, resulting in hollowing, falling off, cracks and so on.

2. When it comes to giving water to a tile, it means that all the tiles are immersed in water. For direct drying of water on tiles, it can be said that it is not a responsible practice.

3, Since the tiles are not all to be soaked, which tiles need to absorb it? Generally tiles with a water absorption greater than 0.5% need to be soaked, while less than 0.5% water absorption is not needed.

4, when the tiles must be dealt with water, must be glazed upwards, pottery face down, so that they will not bump into each other, out of porcelain. If it is reversed, it will be easy to sharply point and the porcelain horns will be broken.

5, buy a ceramic tile many people will buy more, taking into account the problem of consumption. However, the tiles were soaked in water. Can we withdraw it? The answer is that we cannot retreat. The tiles that have run through the water will become darker, and the color difference is very obvious.

6. How long does it take for a tile to soak in water? Due to different tiles, the water absorption rate will be different, so there is no specific standard. However, it can be judged based on experience whether it is possible, for example, whether the tiles will take a bubble or not.

7, soaking tile color is sure to change, so when the tiles soaked in water, do not all the end of a bubble, so as not to spill out of the tiles are not good, so it is a waste.

Xiao Bian concludes: Why isn't the floor tile soaked in water ? Why is the floor tile soaking in water? The small series above analyzes the individual's point of view in this analysis. Hopefully it can help everyone to solve doubts. It can be better done in the decoration and avoid some things. Necessary troubles and reduced waste of resources. Best of all, I wish you all a happy life!

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