Stairs Specification Design Standard Stair Design is as simple as that

November 27, 2020

In the decoration design, you may often see some interior stair designs with very unique styles. Generally, the inner houses with higher interiors will use the interior stairways to design and use the space and add comfort to the home. Next, we will introduce the standard design standards for the stairs .

Stairway specification design standard

Each step of the stairs should be 15 cm high and 28 cm wide. The designer must have a detailed understanding of the dimensions to make the stairs easier to walk. According to the actual situation, the stair step height is less than 18 cm and the width is greater than 22 cm. From the point of view of architectural art and aesthetics, the visual focus of the stairs can highlight a major highlight of the owner's personality.

Stairway Specification Design Standard II

At present, straight ladders are more common. The straight ladders give people a taste of obedience. The arc-shaped ladders can achieve the connection of the upstairs and the downstairs through curves, but they are not as stiff as the vertical ladder corners. They are also more comfortable to walk on; The space occupied by the spiral staircase is relatively small, and the spiraling tendency of the spiral staircase gives people a lot of fascination.

Stairs Specification Design Standard III

The choice of stairs can be arranged according to the members of the family. If there are elderly people and children in the family, the gradient of the stairs should be slower, the step boards should be wider, and the steps should be shorter, so that when they go downstairs, they feel at ease.

Stairs Specification Design Standard IV

Sometimes people will feel stung on the stairs. This kind of taste will make people feel sweaty. Because when the stairs are up and down, the sense of rhythm has already been saved in their heads, and it becomes more natural. If suddenly interrupted at this time, and on the steep surface, it will certainly bring terror.

Editor's summary: The standard design standards for the stairs are introduced here. I hope to help everyone. Want to learn more related knowledge can focus on this site information.

Stairs specification

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