Overall shower room installation graphic shower room installation steps

November 28, 2020

The whole shower room is easy to use, especially for the elderly and children in the family, which can guarantee their personal safety. Then, how to install the shower room? Below, Xiao Bian to introduce the installation of the shower room in detail, and to enjoy the overall shower installation diagram . Then, the interested friends can come together to learn how to install the whole shower room!

First, the overall shower installation diagram

The basic structure of the overall shower room is a bottom basin + a fence, so the whole shower room is to install the bottom basin first, then install the fence, and other frames. The overall shower room installation is illustrated as follows:

Second, the shower room installation steps

1, install the overall shower room, first from the bathroom to separate the corresponding space, so as to determine the installation position of the shower room as a whole, fortunately, in the decoration where the water distribution, and how to punch.

2. When installing, firstly install the bottom basin in a fixed position. If there is water in the test bottom basin, it is generally inclined during installation. Therefore, it must be checked whether the bottom basin water is flat or not.

3, so, the third step is to install a good bottom basin, waterproof experiment, there is a leak or water channel obstruction, then we must promptly correct in order to proceed to the next step.

4, the shower door is a sliding door, the bottom basin waterproof test is no problem, then you can install the track, the next track will be installed in the middle of the stone base.

5. Immediately after the installation of the aluminum alloy frame, first insert the edge material into the upper and lower guide rails, tighten it with screws, put the aluminum material against the wall into the left and right sides, and put the assembled shower room frame in the center of the stone base. , and adjust the horizontal position. Afterwards, a hole is made in the aluminum material against the wall, and the aluminum alloy frame will be locked on the stone base with fastening screws.

6, then, the back of the bottom basin and the shower screen with screws fixed to each other, both sides of the fixed piece.

7. Insert the sealing strips into the gaps between the glass and the frame so that the glass is clamped tighter.

8. After fixing, install the sliding door handle, assemble the top cover, and seal it with glass glue.

9, access to cold and hot water pipes, and water testing whether the water supply is normal.

10. The sewer pipe is connected well, and the pipe is inserted. The periphery of the pipe mouth is sealed with glass glue, and the waterproof test is performed again. If there is no leakage or blockage, the installation is successful.

Xiao Bian General: The installation of the shower room and the installation of the shower room to complete the steps, I hope to provide help for everyone. At the time of installation, everyone should also note that the outlet of the bathtub should be aligned with the outlet of the sewer, otherwise it will affect the drainage and hygiene of the bathtub.

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