How is the quartz stone in the floating window surface?

November 28, 2020

The bay window is now a very common decoration method. Many people have a bay window design. The bay window is a very nice little space. It is lying on the windowsill with two cushions on it, sitting or lying, during the daytime. Look at the traffic and see the starry sky at night. So what kind of material should be used for floating window countertops? We can see that many people will choose quartz stone to make floating window countertops. Can we use quartz stone in floating window countertops ? Now let's take a look at the quartz stone in floating window countertops. And what are the floating window countertop materials!

How can I use quartz stone in floating window countertops?

Quartz stone material is still more people will be used to do floating window countertops, and its advantages are many, high hardness, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, easy to clean, not afraid of the tide, will not be deformed, maintenance and cleaning are very convenient. The downside is that it will be cold to sit up directly in the cold winter, but summer is very cool. If you like to take a break on the window sill, you are ready to put a blanket on it. Moreover, in this era of home-based environmental protection, quartz stone countertops do not contain radioactive elements harmful to the human body, so it is favored by many families.

What material is good for floating window tops

1, composite floor

When you choose composite flooring, you need to combine it with the whole. How to make the overall harmony, then the composite flooring will not be afraid of the tide. Sitting on it will not be too cold and not expensive, but we must pay attention to it before designing the interior. We must fix the design of the bay window and have a good connection with the floor. You can use solid wood when you close the edge. This works well. If you have the floor in your house, you can use it to your best advantage.

2, stone class

Stones are still a lot of people will choose, artificial stone is the most common floating window countertop material, the advantage is not afraid of the tide, will not be deformed, easy to maintain. The disadvantage is that it will be cold in the cold winter. If you like to linger on the window sill, you must make a blanket. The advantages of natural stone are the same as that of artificial stone. It is only cheaper than artificial stone in terms of price, but it is worth noting that the radiation of natural stone is more powerful than that of marble. Therefore, if you choose not to choose it, you will not choose it. Selecting natural stone for floating window tops is more economical, but it should be noted that the window base must be flat and it is best to use cement to fix it, otherwise it will crack easily.

3, tiles

If artificial stone is considered too expensive, it can be paved with floor tiles or mosaics. Tiles and mosaics have the same moisture-proofing effect as artificial stone. They have joints and are not so beautiful. You can make a wooden flower fence for decoration, but The problem at the edge is not resolved.

The above is to bring you all the quartz sandstone in the floating window top and some materials. If your home just happens to have a bay window, you don't know which kind of material decoration to choose, then the above must be able to help you, if you want to know more Many related information, please continue to pay attention to this site, more exciting so stay tuned!

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Penetrating seal Curing Agent

What is the infiltration of sealing and curing materials?

  Infiltration-type sealing and curing materials (commonly known as concrete sealing hardener or chemical dust-hardener penetrant) is a new generation of lithium-ion water-based products composed of inorganic substances, chemically active substances and silicon compounds. The product is a colorless transparent liquid material, easy to use, colorless, odorless, non-toxic, non-flammable, strong penetration, can be permanently sealed concrete, VOC-free ingredients, USDA USDA test. The product, through effective penetration, undergoes complex chemical reactions with free calcium oxide components in concrete. In the three-dimensional space to form a network structure, resulting in hard material, making the concrete structure is more compact, strong, effective sealing of the pores, will never prevent concrete dust from surface porosity in the precipitation. This results in a dust-free, compact, high-strength, highly abrasion-resistant, marble-lined concrete floor. Greatly improve the impermeability of concrete, wear-resistant, freeze-thaw cycles, hardness and other performance indicators, the longer the longer the gloss the better.

Scope of application:

Permeability seal curing materials (concrete strength of C20 above the ground design requirements): the need to clean the environment, the amount of dust in the air have certain requirements, but not suitable for the surface coating material area. Applicable to any indoor and outdoor hard, highly abrasion, impermeability of the plane demanding the old and new concrete, terrazzo, cement-based wear-resistant floor and cement mortar surface, such as cement-based building materials such as factories, shopping malls, Warehouses, parking lots, service stations, hangars, freight distribution centers, roads and other areas.

Use maintenance:

1, the construction of the floor just recommended in the first 1-3 months often with acidic detergent or water to clean the ground, because often water cleaning will speed up the reaction process, making the ground seal curing effect completed in advance, the gloss will appear earlier .

2, try to avoid alkaline cleaning agents and other substances in the floor surface stay.

3, if oil, color liquid, etc. should be promptly erased, otherwise it may leave a mark on the surface.


1, the infiltration of sealing and curing material itself does not change the smoothness and flatness of the base surface, the old ground and low intensity whether the ground appears to be dependent on the original ground conditions may be, but the ground strength, hardness, wear resistance, gloss Such instructions will be significantly improved.

2, mechanical calendering ground, terrazzo ground and wear-resistant ground after the use of polishing will immediately appear luster, the longer the use, the better the sense of the effect.

3, low strength, dust, rough surface of the ground (wear-resistant surface floor, terrazzo floor, concrete floor), the amount of standard materials can not play a role, need to increase the amount and increase the process; but the ground conditions are extremely poor, loose structure Under the situation (turning the cement mortar floor), increase the amount may not play a corresponding role.

4, the mirror effect Floor is the highest standard floor, the original surface to be the standard requirements of the ground, a large amount of material and ultra-fine polishing process.

5, This product is non-toxic, tasteless. For non-combustible products, it should be stored in a cool and dry environment.

6, This product can only be used plastic containers, can not be used metal containers and can not touch metal objects.

7, construction curing period of 7 days, can be used during conservation period, but need to pay attention to prevent heavy impact, scratches and so on.

8, this product may not be diluted, and to prevent freezing.

9, infiltration seal curing material can be used without freezing, but the strength of the growth time should be extended; infiltration seal curing material should be used when the floor temperature is greater than 5 ℃.

10, infiltration seal curing materials, such as accidentally splashed into the eyes, apply a lot of water rinse. Store in a place not accessible to children, swallowed.


Sealed Curing Agent

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