Burma Teak Floor How to Tell the Benefits of Genuine Teak Flooring in Burma

November 28, 2020

With the progress of society, people's aesthetic awareness is getting higher and higher. Burmese teak flooring is recognized as the best flooring material known as the "King of Kings", Burmese teak flooring is the only seawater etching and sunlight exposure without bending or cracking plate. Then, we will introduce how Burma teak flooring distinguishes the authenticity and the advantages of Burmese teak flooring.

Burma teak flooring how to distinguish authenticity

1, see the texture

When you purchase, you can see the texture of Burmese teak flooring. The Burmese teak flooring really has ink lines and oil spots. The fake Burmese teak flooring has no ink lines, or the ink lines are light and scattered.

2, touch the hand

The Burmese teak flooring really feels slippery and delicate. It has a sense of being soaked in oil; while the fake Burmese teak flooring is very rough and feels a kind of burr feel.

3, smell the smell

Real Burmese teak flooring emits a special scent that smells very pleasant; false Burmese teak floors have a pungent odor.

4, weight

Real Burmese teak floors are lighter than rosewood; fake Burmese teak floors are generally preferred.

5, drip test

It can be tested with dripping water. Burmese teak flooring will not infiltrate after being driped; while fake Burmese teak flooring will slowly infiltrate. The fake Burmese teak flooring will infiltrate due to water and the surface will be rough and the water stains will not dry. Confetti.

6, see sawdust

Really Burmese teak floor sawdust will have heavy oily textures and a soft sensation when squeezed by hand, while false Burmese teak floor sawdust is dry and loose.

Myanmar teak flooring advantages

1, Myanmar teak flooring has moisture, mosquito, corrosion resistance and other advantages.

2, good stability, after drying, Burmese teak floors that can have strength and toughness.

3, color is very decorative effect, ink line is soft, oily, elegant and elegant texture.

4, Burmese teak flooring can play anti-snake mosquitoes, can warm people's nerves, help sleep, for the benefit of the elderly.

5, Burma teak floor feel comfortable, the longer the time, the more bright the color, can be said to be the best in solid wood flooring.

Editor's summary: Regarding Burma teak flooring, how to identify the authenticity and the advantages of Burmese teak flooring are introduced here, and we hope to help everyone. Want to learn more related knowledge can focus on this site information.

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