Absolute advantage to build a professional prestige network channel for bearings

November 28, 2020

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Absolute advantage to build a professional prestige network channel for bearings

Source: Bearing network time: 2017-12-15

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Every day, the difference between the bearing network and the induction portal is that the information of the bearing network only surrounds the bearing; the website is more professional and the business opportunity is more useful, and the customer collectively is more accurate than the induction portal. When your products pay more attention to the professional shopping mall group; The bearing network has more advantages. The difference between the bearing network and other bearing nets every day. The bearing network is the bearing website of the first type of direct-passing merchants in China; the main line of the product is opened with bearing type; each type is self-contained; , the characteristics of the type, the use of the type, the image display of the type, etc.. The bearing type system that these buyers pay more attention to. The seller will pay attention to the bearing type to get twice the result with half the effort.
Why do you want to pick up the top members of the daily bearing network?
Every day, the high-end members of the bearing network are all-round and three-dimensional propaganda solutions; the product implementation adopts the combination of the website and the traditional media (free magazine). It will become a free premium member of the daily bearing network. Promote presentation and search engine keyword promotion.
What is the "bearing spot" of the bearing network every day? Why do you want to participate in the "bearing spot"?
The bearing spot is the network inventory of the bearing type that the bearing net members can supply to the buyer every day; it is the proof of the seller's supply strength. The bearing spot is in addition to the member's high-end retail store; it will also be displayed on the associated bearing type page (bearing Type query page, type supplier page, type comparison page); make buyers easier to find; to achieve better publicity than bearing suppliers.

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