3 minutes to learn the toilet to buy 7 tips!

November 28, 2020

It is also common for the bathroom to have large and small problems in the process of use. The toilet is a big protagonist in the bathroom. A beautiful and practical toilet not only improves the overall effect of the bathroom, but also prolongs its service life. The toilet should also be cautious in the purchase process. Xi'an City people teach you how to choose a toilet!

Look at the toilet weight

The toilet emphasizes that its density is large, so the heavier and firmer the toilet, the better the quality. The average toilet quality is about 50 kg, and a good toilet will reach 100 kg or more. "You won't have to pick up each toilet under the eyes of the mall and start to test it!" In fact, the weight of the toilet can be identified from the tank cover, because the weight of the tank lid is proportional to the weight of the toilet itself.

Tip: When buying a toilet, you can measure the weight of the entire toilet by means of a toilet lid. The heavier the tank lid, the heavier the toilet itself.

See water saving performance

To check the water-saving performance of the toilet is not to look at the size of the water tank, but to see if the design of the flushing drainage system and the water tank fittings is reasonable and the quality is passed. However, it is a little difficult for non-professionals to check whether their design is reasonable and the quality is good. How to check if the toilet is water-saving?

Tip: You can read the instructions carefully when you purchase. If the flushing volume is 6 liters or less, then this toilet is water-saving.

Look at the sewage drain

In fact, the reason for looking at the sewage outlet is very simple, just like the larger the diameter of the bottle, the faster the water is poured, the more it is loaded. Therefore, the larger the sewage discharge diameter of the toilet, the stronger the sewage discharge capacity. If the effluent diameter is too small, the leftovers left in the usual dumping may cause blockage.... Therefore, the sump discharge of the toilet plays an important role.

Tip: Put the palm of your hand into the drain. If you can put the whole palm, it means that the drain of the toilet is large enough, and the sewage performance is enough. Secondly, you can touch the smoothness of the water inlet pipe. If the surface is rough, it is easy to hide dirt and dirt, and it is easy to cause blockage.

Look at the toilet glaze

The glaze of the toilet is equivalent to the skin surface of the human body, which directly affects the aesthetics of the toilet. Good quality toilet glaze should be smooth and smooth without blistering and saturated color.

Tip: Touch the four walls of the toilet and the surface of the water tank by hand. If you notice obvious scratching, it indicates that the surface of the toilet has sharp protrusions, which may cause unnecessary physical damage during use.

Look at the quality of water

People who use the toilet should have experienced the troubles of water failure! The water should be said to be the most vulnerable part of the toilet, especially if the plastic is easy to break, and it is not easy to replace, the average person is very Difficult to repair and replace. Therefore, in order to avoid this potential trouble, we must pay special attention to the selection of toilet water when purchasing the toilet.

Tip: When purchasing a toilet, we can quickly and forcefully press the toilet flush button when the water tank is empty. If you can hear the crisp sound in time, it means that the toilet water is reliable.

See if the water tank is leaking

The leaking phenomenon of the water tank is difficult to find. The simple check method is to drop the blue ink into the toilet tank. After mixing, see if there is any blue water flowing out of the toilet water outlet. If there is any, the toilet has a leak.

Skills: This method can only be tested after buying a toilet, so don't patronize when you buy a toilet. You must first check if the water tank is intact~~

See if it is coordinated with the surrounding decoration

When many people buy toilets, they only pay attention to the above points. Finally, they forget whether the style of the toilet can match the style of the bathroom at home. When they are installed, they find that the styles of the two are completely out of place, or they just go. If you change it, you will use it.

Tip: Before buying, remember to take a photo of the bathroom for a reference when purchasing. This way there will be no more troubles that should not be there!

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