What are the wall construction processes? What are the mistakes in wall decoration?

December 02, 2020

The decoration of the wall is very important. The wall plays a big decorative role for a family. If the wall is decorated, it will add unexpected effects to the room, but for many people, the wall is decorated. The aspect is still not very well understood. Sometimes there are some misunderstandings in the decoration. What about the wall construction process ? What are the mistakes in wall decoration? Let's introduce you to the small series of the decoration home network below.


First, the wall construction process

1. Do a good job of leveling the base surface. Due to the uneven quality of the developers in various places, the level of the wall is in line with the national standards for the delivery of houses. Therefore, before installing at home, be sure to do the wall surface treatment. For wall treatment, thick screed materials with strong adhesion, water resistance and crack resistance are generally used. After the material is processed, there must be a good test method. It is recommended that the level of the leveling is within 2cm, and then the steel ruler is used to measure against the wall surface. If there is a gap, the thick leveling material should be used again.

2, do a good job in the screed of the base surface, in fact, the more common term for the leveling process is "putty." After the wall thickness is leveled, when the flatness of the wall is less than 5mm, it can be scraped with water-resistant putty or other functional ecological putty for fine leveling. Generally, it can be scraped 2-3 times, but pay attention to the construction. Stir well and the thickness of the scrape to prevent human error.

3, carefully grind the putty, polished putty must wait for the wall to dry before you can do this treatment, but do not take too long, otherwise the wall will become solid, it is more difficult to polish. Generally, the putty can be polished after 1 or 2 days in the dry weather. The smoothness of the polishing can be observed by the light bulb during the grinding process. If you want the wall leveling effect to be more prominent, try to convince the worker's master to choose to polish at night so that the naked eye can see more clearly.


Second, the wall decoration misunderstanding

1. Wall cracking should not be repaired immediately. Because the weather is dry and the temperature difference is very large, water volatilization and material shrinkage will cause different degrees of cracks and gaps. It is a normal physical change of decorative materials. The cracking of the wall indicates that the water is volatilizing and there is still It may continue to volatilize, and if it is repaired at this time, it will continue to crack. When you return to repair in the fall, you should be careful not to worry, you should wait until the spring of the coming year.

2, I think that there is not much decoration in the room, so staying immediately, no decoration is just the illusion caused by the low temperature in autumn. This illusion will gradually be exposed as the heating in winter begins. At that time, the interior has been polluted. The air will seriously affect the health of the owner. Even if there is no taste, you have to wait until half a month to a month to stay, and open the window in the morning and evening after your stay. Drying at noon will cause the wood wall paint to crack.

3, air-dry paint or wallpaper, home decoration paint or paste wallpaper, because the summer is humid, generally open the doors and windows to make the wall dry in a short time. However, if the doors and windows are opened in the fall, the weather will be dry and the walls will dry more quickly, but due to the excessive loss of moisture, there will be shrinkage and deformation.

In some aspects of decoration, we still have a lot of problems to pay attention to, but through the wall construction process introduced in the above small series and what misunderstandings in the decoration, Xiaobian believes that everyone knows about it, but in fact, everyone thinks. So difficult, then if you still want to know more about decoration, then please continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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