What are the brands of art wall clocks? Hanging taboos for art wall clocks

December 08, 2020

After we have finished decorating, we will buy some decorations to decorate our love home, and the art wall clock is a good choice. We can decorate the home and let us have an accurate time. So in feng shui, feng shui living room wall charts to pay attention to what? Tabu list feng shui living room hang What? Today small just like everyone look to see which brand taboo artistic wall clock and have it?


What are the brands of art wall clocks:

1: Overlord (POWER) - Created in 1988, the well-known trademark of its products enjoys a high reputation in the domestic and foreign industries.

2: Polaris (POLARIS) - Founded in 1915, the domestic industry leading enterprise clock industry star

3: Compas - the industry's comprehensive strength advanced enterprise

4: Fu Da (FUDA) - Founded in 1989, won the Guangdong Famous Brand Guangzhou Quality Product Award

5: Uranus (Telesonic) - founded in 1967, the famous quartz watch brand dedicated to clock development

6: West Malaysia (XIMA) - Founded in 1958, the domestic production of metal casing quartz clocks and watches, the watch industry star enterprise

The living room is feng shui

No matter the clock, the wall clock, its hour, minute, or second hand will continue to run. If placed in the living room, there are a few points to pay special attention to:

1, can be placed or hung on the Suzaku side, because the Suzaku side is the front, the front is the mover;

2, can be placed or hung in the Qinglong side, because the Qinglong side is the Kyrgyz side, so the left side of the living room should also put the clock;

3, do not place or hang in the white tiger side, because the white tiger side is a fierce party, so the right side of the living room should not put the clock;

4, do not place or hang in the Xuanwu side, because the Xuanwu side is the rear, should not be moved;

5, the top of the sofa should not hang the clock, otherwise, people who often sit in this position are prone to problems;

6. Place or hang the clock in the bedroom, which is roughly the same as the living room, but the clock cannot be hung at the end of the bed.

7, Zhong Ji placed on any door, generally should be placed in the open place, such as the window. Because the clock also has the role of fighting, if there is a suffocating air outside the window, in the case of placing the deflated items, you can also align the clock with the suffocating side.


The position of the Feng Shui figure in the living room wall clock

The wall clock is always running, so it should be placed on the dynamic side; the wall clock has the meaning of ending, unlucky, should be hung in Geely.

1. Dynamic orientation: Xuanwu is a static orientation, not suitable for wall clocks, which should be hung on the Suzaku side;

2, Geely orientation: Baihu Fang is a fierce position, the wall clock is not suitable, can be hung in the Qinglong side of Geely;

3, watches should not be hung above the sofa, so that people who often sit in this position feel uncomfortable; the position of the watch can not be placed open to the door, window, etc., because the clock also has a certain fighting role, such

It will weaken the function of the clock and destroy the overall feng shui.

When we buy an art wall clock, we need to have a certain understanding of its brand and then choose the right wall clock. The above is the brand of the art wall clock introduced by Xiaobian today and what taboos are there. It is over here. For more information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network

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