What are the requirements for the renovation of the audio-visual room? Audio and video room decoration process

December 11, 2020

The video room is a place for us to enjoy the big screen movie experience, and it is also a place for us to relax. The project of the audio-visual room decoration, the current decoration and decoration company on the market is mixed, the effect of the decoration is not satisfactory, and there are many related problems in the later stage, such as sound insulation effect, or the sound returning, affecting the user experience. The following decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will introduce you to the audio-visual room decoration requirements .


First, the audio-visual room decoration requirements

1, display equipment: high-definition projection, high-definition LCD or plasma TV;

2, the playback device: Blu-ray player, HD player or Sony PS3 can be;

3, power amplifier: support HDMI's next-generation AV support 5.1 or 7.1 amplifier; can transmit video through the amplifier, decode the amplified audio to the speaker;

4, speaker: buy 5.1 or 7.1 speakers and subwoofer, combined with power amplifier power purchase; amplifier and speaker to coordinate with;

5, connect the wire, according to your equipment selection. For example, speaker cable, HDMI, fiber, coaxial, color difference, AV and other wires.


Second, what is the decoration process of the audio-visual room?

1. Acoustic decoration

When designing a private audio-visual room, the processing of the wall, floor and roof of the audio-visual room is particularly important. Yihe Audio said that in order to prevent the influence of the acoustic environment, the sound effect cannot be stabilized and condensed. In the design of the villa's private audio-visual room, it is required to eliminate acoustic defects such as standing wave, vibrating echo, and acoustic dyeing. In order to improve the indoor sound field, Yihe Audio will deal with the private video room as follows:

2, sound insulation treatment

The main purpose of the sound insulation treatment is to prevent external noise from being transmitted into the interior of the audio-visual room, and the excess volume of the vibration-damping treatment in the interior of the audio-visual room cannot be transmitted to the outside through the vibration damping process.

3, sound absorption processing

The main purpose of sound absorption processing is to absorb frequency and control noise. Yihe Audio usually absorbs a part of the reflected sound and weakens the total noise in the room by using good sound absorbing materials on the surrounding walls and ceilings or properly absorbing the sound absorber.

4, diffusion processing

The main purpose of diffusion processing is to increase the point of reflection when the sound is emitted from the speaker. In this case, the sound effect forms a face and is integrated into the film, which will make the person in the audio-visual room feel a feeling of being wrapped by the sound, such as on the scene.

5, audio and video systems

In order to pursue high-quality visual and auditory shock, Yihe Audio believes that the indispensable part of the villa's private video studio is a set of audio and video systems.

6, audio system

To include audio and video sources, AV amplifiers and speakers. Among them, the audio and video source is the foundation of the whole system, and the AV power amplifier is the audio reproduction, which is characterized by multi-channel sound reproduction. Speakers can be divided into two types, one is 5.1 channel, and the other is 7.1 channel.

7, video system

It mainly includes projectors, DVDs and other devices to create a video-like effect.

Through the introduction of the above article, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of what the audio-visual room decoration requirements and the audio-visual room decoration process. I hope that everyone can decorate the audio-visual room that suits their style through this content. If you want to know more about the decoration method, please continue to pay attention to our decoration home network.

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