Ceiling material which living room ceiling feng shui what taboo

December 14, 2020

In order to make the living room more beautiful, many people will put ceilings in the living room. It will not only beautify the living room environment, enhance the quality of home furnishing, but also create a rich and colorful indoor space art image. The ceiling of a ceiling is generally divided into flat ceilings and shaped ceilings according to the design. The ceiling to be made is mainly determined according to the specific circumstances. What are the ceiling materials in the living room? Here's what you need to know about the living room ceiling materials along with Qijia Xiaobian!

What are the ceiling materials?

Mineral wool board

This material is characterized by its sound absorption and heat insulation, so it will be more suitable in places with high temperatures and noisy environments requiring sound insulation. It is made of mineral fiber cotton as raw material, and the surface of the mineral wool board can be patterned and sculpted, so there are many choices in style. Because the manufacturing process of the mineral wool board is after high-speed centrifugation, it is an environmentally friendly material!

2. Calcium silicate board

It can also be called a gypsum composite board. This material is characterized by good fireproof and moisture resistance, soundproofing effect, and it can also absorb excess water molecules in the room, but when the air is dry, it can release the stored water. Molecules are often used in high-end renovations to increase indoor comfort. It is a kind of multi-material, generally made of natural gypsum powder, white cement, glue, and glass fiber.

3.PVC board

This material is characterized by a light but strong material, it is a hollow synthetic plastic sheet.

4. Aluminum buckle board

This material is characterized by lighter materials and easier installation. It is more common in kitchens and bathrooms.

5. Sauna board

This material is characterized by good decorative, and easy to install, it is a special ceiling material, is a high-temperature degreasing treatment, so it is good high temperature resistance, not easily deformed, so it is often applied to the bathroom, Balcony and other places, belonging to high-grade materials.

Second, living room ceiling Feng Shui taboo

1 living room ceiling can be designed concave shape

When designing the ceiling, we must first consider the height of the living room. Usually, if the height of the living room is greater than or equal to 2.8m, we can do the ceiling. If it is less than 2.8m, we do not recommend to ceiling the living room. If the design is a little wrong, it will make the living room feel repressed. Combined with the concept of traditional culture, a better ceiling shape is a four-sided thick and thin arrangement in the middle. This design can ease the pressure of the formation of the sky, visual effects are more comfortable. The concave position in the middle of the ceiling also symbolizes the Tianchi which gathers water, which will greatly benefit the residential community. If you hang a magnificent crystal lamp in the pool of Tianchi, you will have the finishing touch.

2. The living room ceiling should not be uneven or sharp

If your ceiling is designed to be tilted, it is easy for the homeowner to feel oppressive. Therefore, we should avoid unevenness or sharp corners when designing.

3. The living room ceiling should not design mirror

Maybe some owners will want to install mirrors on the ceiling, which has reached the effect of extending the visual space. However, from the point of view of feng shui, it is not appropriate to design a mirror on the suspended ceiling. This is because the scenery reflected from the mirror will be consistent with the floor. The situation that the world does not open will violate the laws of nature and will make the family transport stagnate. And long-term exposure to the mirror, people see the shadow of their own upside down, the mental health of the elderly and children may also be affected.

Xiao Bian's words: In general, there are many kinds of materials and design methods for ceilings. Before decorating, we can first understand which type of living room is suitable for, and then carry out renovations. Do not blindly refurbish. The above is the relevant knowledge of Xiaobian and everyone to explain the ceiling materials , I hope you can give some reference! More related content, you can pay attention to Qijia information, follow-up will show more exciting content!

What are ceiling materials?

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