How to decorate kitchen decoration in 4 square meters of small kitchen

December 17, 2020

With the improvement of the social level, most people will buy a house in the city. Buying a house is simple and decoration is a big deal, especially in the decoration of the kitchen, because the kitchen is small in size but the effect is great, so it is decorated. It is more labor-intensive, because the kitchen has more functions, so it costs a lot of money to decorate. For the four-square-meter kitchen, it is now more common, so how to decorate the 4 square meter kitchen ? Let's take a look at the decoration home network Xiaobian.


How to decorate 4 square meters of small kitchen

1. Flexible storage space. For example, you can install a wall shelf between the cabinet and the cabinet, place a disinfection cabinet, microwave oven, or install laminates, hooks, storage trays, cups, sauce bottles, shovel, spoons, thus avoiding them. Occupy the countertop. The small kitchen will give people a messy feeling, because the storage space is not enough. However, in the small kitchen, there are some flexible storage spaces that are precious. If you use them well, the effect may be very different.

2. Do more lighting design. The kitchen of 4 square meters is always small, and it is not suitable for darkness and no light. You can think more about the decoration. If the position of the original door is not conducive to daylighting, you can consider changing the orientation of the door to a position more favorable for lighting. It is recommended that the door of the kitchen be designed as a light-transmissive glass sliding door.

3. Choose the right kitchen appliance. Because it is the decoration design of the small kitchen, it should be used as much as possible in the space. The embedded kitchen electric energy can effectively save the internal space of the kitchen. For example, the embedded smoking machine is installed directly in the cabinet. It needs to be opened when you use it. After use, it will be closed to make the overall space more tidy. This kind of embedded is both beautiful and has space for saving.

4. Choose the right kitchen utensils. You can use stacked lockers, electrical racks, etc., which are the heroes who can transform the kitchen. It is also possible to install some kitchen utensils that can be used for daily cooking on the wall. It is also more convenient in operation. In addition, the decoration home network reminds that the size of the kitchen appliance should be pre-conceived, avoiding the purchase of kitchen appliances and the size of the size. The problem cannot be used.


Kitchen decoration knowledge

1. Hydropower lines: When the kitchen is being renovated, it is generally necessary to arrange the water and electricity lines according to the kitchen layout. In addition, the socket must be equipped with a leakage protection device.

2, the light should be bright: the kitchen lighting must be bright enough, try not to use yellow light, use white light. Otherwise, you may not even be able to distinguish between garlic and onions. In addition, yellow light can easily make meat, fruits and vegetables look distorted in color.

3. Countertop: The countertop should be made of fireproof and waterproof materials. The height of the countertop should be determined based on the height of the person most often cooking at home. Usually the height of the console is 80-85 cm.

4, ceiling: hang the top, in order to scrub. Usually use pvc, aluminum plastic gusset ceiling. Note that anti-aging materials should be used, because the kitchen is smoked all day, and the kitchen decoration materials age quickly.

5, the ground: the use of non-slip ground, and the seams should be small to reduce the accumulation of dirt, easy to clean. There should be floor drains on the kitchen floor to facilitate floor cleaning and drainage.

6, the refrigerator: must design the location of the refrigerator in advance, so that the "work triangle" design is reasonable. Be careful not to let the refrigerator next to the sink to avoid splashing water.

7. Range hood: The installation distance of the range hood and the cooker is 60-65cm. The installation is too short. It is easy to meet when cooking, but it is too high, which will affect the suction of the range hood.

8, pay attention to leave a maintenance hole: in the top of the ceiling must pay attention to leave a maintenance hole, because in addition to the wire in the ceiling, there are smoke detection equipment, fire lines and so on. Leave a maintenance air for repairs in case of damage in the future.

In the home decoration, the decoration of the kitchen will no longer be a problem, how to decorate the four-square-meter kitchen, for the kitchen to be renovated, we must make a reasonable profit margin, then please professional design The division came to plan. If you want to know more information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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