White wine cabinet advantage introduces white wine cabinet maintenance method

December 17, 2020

The white wine cabinet is believed to have been seen by some friends. It is very beautiful. Some of our friends like white and simple, so our white wine cabinets have the advantages of simple fashion and novel style. Friends can read our articles. In the white wine cabinet picture, our white wine cabinet has intrinsic advantages in addition to this, friends can find out, there are white wine cabinet maintenance methods in the article.


First, the advantages of white wine cabinet

White wine cabinet - straight

The bottle should always be stored flat so that the wine is in contact with the cork. This keeps the humidity of the cork and the good sealing effect of the bottle, preventing the air from entering and causing oxidation and ripening of the wine. When the bottle is placed vertically, there is a gap between the wine and the cork. Therefore, the wine is placed in the best position, and the level of the wine must be at least the bottleneck. The wine cooler keeps the bottle in a straight position and does not let the wine taste.

White wine cabinet - constant temperature and consistency

Temperature is one of the important factors in storing wine, and it is equally important to maintain temperature stability. The composition of the wine will be affected by the temperature change, and the cork will also expand and contract with the temperature change, especially the long-term poor cork. Most wine cabinets are equipped with a heater or PTC that raises the internal temperature to maintain temperature stability regardless of changes in ambient temperature. The air inside the cabinet is also protected by a built-in fan to ensure uniform and consistent temperature distribution at different locations within the wine cabinet.

White wine cabinet - suitable humidity

Relative humidity of 65% is the best environment for long-term storage. However, it is good to maintain a relative humidity between 55% and 80%. If the humidity is low, the air will pass through the dried cork into the bottle to oxidize the wine, and the wine will also penetrate into the cork; if the humidity is high, the odor will be generated and the label will be damaged. The relative humidity of the wine cabinet is stable at around 65%. The actual humidity in the cabinet can be tested with a hygrometer. The wine cabinet products have specially designed water storage tanks, which are installed on the top of the cabinet and are suitable for adjusting the relative humidity due to changes in ambient temperature.

Second, the use of white wine cabinets

When placing the wine cabinet, be sure to place the wine cabinet on the ground level, so that the wine cabinet can be made stable, the height of the four corners must be consistent, and heavy objects should be avoided. When moving the solid wood wine cabinet, you should also take care to gently remove the sharp objects to leave scratches on the wine cabinet. Solid wood wine cabinets should be well protected from sun, ventilation and moisture. Solid wood wine cabinets should be protected from direct sunlight. When doing sun protection work, they should also do anti-corrosion and moisture-proof work. At the same time, it is best to change the shelf in one or two years to avoid the deformation and corrosion of the solid wood shelf.

Third, white wine cabinet maintenance method

1. Change the activated carbon filter of the vent hole above the wine cabinet every six months.

2. Clean the dust on the condenser (metal mesh on the back of the wine cabinet) every two years.

3. Please carefully check whether the plug has been pulled out before moving or cleaning the wine cabinet.

4. Replace the shelf every one to two years to prevent the safety of the wine from the deformation of the solid wood shelf under high humidity.

5, thoroughly clean the wine cabinet once a year, please pull out the plug before cleaning, and empty the wine cabinet, then gently scrub the cabinet with water.

6, do not apply heavy pressure inside and outside the wine cabinet, do not place heating appliances and heavy objects on the top of the wine cabinet.

7. After long-term storage, the humidity inside the box is large, and the wooden bracket is prone to mildew. The plastic wrap can be used to wrap the bracket and then store the wine. Regularly disinfect the bracket wine cabinet to prevent mold.


The white wine cabinet from the article we learned about this white wine cabinet, very unusual, the appearance of the white wine cabinet is unique and novel, and our white wine cabinet has certain advantages, we like it very much, and the maintenance method of the white wine cabinet And some cleaning methods, the article has mentioned that friends can continue to pay attention to our home decoration network to understand the knowledge of many wine cabinets.

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