Help informationization Huaping video conference system put into use in Ningboo

December 18, 2020

Ningboo's full name is “Ningbo Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute”, which is engaged in special equipment inspection and testing, type testing, safety technology research, etc. It is currently one of the largest special equipment inspection organizations in Zhejiang Province, and its business covers the whole city boiler. 6 kinds of special equipments such as pressure vessels, pressure pipes, elevators, lifting machinery, and motor vehicles in factories (fields). For a long time, Ningboo shoulders the responsibility of ensuring the safety of special equipment in the city. It is the strategy of “quality city” in Ningbo. An important part of it.
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In recent years, the Ningboo Procurator has continuously promoted the construction of quality supervision service brands. With the completion of nine grassroots inspection stations in Zhangzhou, Zhenhai, Beilun, Cixi, Yuyao, Fenghua, Ninghai, Xiangshan and Hangzhou Bay, the use of information technology to strengthen communication and enhance Administrative office efficiency has become an inevitable trend.
Recently, the Ningboo Procurator cooperated with Huaping to build a high-definition video conferencing system to meet the needs of remote video conferencing such as off-site fast meetings and inter-regional in-house training. The system consists of 3 central main venues, 9 sub-meeting venues and 3 mobile phone conference venues, which fully meet the daily video conference, video training and collaborative office between 23 departments, 7 professional inspection departments and 9 grass-roots inspection stations. Video conference, mobile conference and other needs, the entire network 1080P full HD video and 48KHz high-fidelity audio, to help users easily achieve "face-to-face" communication. In addition, powerful data sharing functions: electronic whiteboard, document sharing, media sharing, desktop sharing, etc., also greatly meet the communication and interaction needs of users in various scenarios.
After the completion of the project, the project acceptance and on-site demonstration meeting, the Ningboo Inspector Informationization Leading Group took the 1609 conference room of the headquarters as the main venue, Cixi, Beilun, Zhangzhou, Ninghai, Xiangshan and Hangzhou Bay Inspection Stations as the venues, demonstrating The main functions of video conferencing systems such as audio communication, video switching, electronic whiteboard, document sharing, multimedia embedding, conference management, etc., the overall effect of the live demonstration is smooth and clear, and the user is unanimously recognized.
Through Huaping HD video conferencing system, Ningboo Procuratorate can quickly organize global and peer-to-peer video conferences between the main venue and the sub-conference venue, and carry out internal training, work experience promotion, quarterly annual work summary meeting, unit activities, etc. Increased administrative efficiency and saved a lot of time and labor costs. The level of informatization construction of Ningboo's procuratorate has reached a new level and continues to maintain the leading level in the same industry across the country.

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