Cement highway boundary pile manufacturers "road boundary" standard size first-level highway boundary pile how to install

December 19, 2020

Cement highway boundary pile manufacturers "road boundary" standard size first-level highway boundary pile how to install

First, the principle of product distribution 1. After the customer orders our company's products to be successful, our customer service staff will inform you by telephone the expected delivery time of the product;
2. Our delivery time is based on the time calculated by your timely payment, so that you can receive your goods as soon as possible, please pay as soon as possible;
3. For timely delivery, please be sure to leave accurate, detailed address and effective contact information with sales personnel.
4. Due to the large daily shipments, we will complete the production process one working day after the order is set up; logistics or express delivery takes 2-10 working days (depending on your city) can be sent to you Department. So, in general, within 10 working days, Neijiang will send your goods to your place.
Second, the delivery method 1, express delivery;
2, logistics delivery;
3, post office delivery;
4, self-delivery;
Third, the distribution range Product distribution network has covered all regions of the country, please rest assured to order!

Highway hundred meters pile

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Fourth, the glass fiber reinforced plastic highway hundred meters pile has the following advantages:

1, it is a high-strength glass fiber composite molding (recycling useless).

2. The surface text of 100m piles on the FRP highway is treated with special screen printing and concave treatment, and cured at a time.

3, FRP highway hundred meters pile Yan Yanli, anti-aging, good strength, service life of up to 30 years.

4. Fiberglass freeway 100m piles are truly maintenance-free. Different from cement, stone and other materials, they need to be painted and sprayed every year on a regular basis. This saves man-hours for maintenance. The surface of the product is hard-textured and durable. According to the information provided by the user unit, such as station number, mileage, path direction arrow, and maintenance telephone, they can be customized one by one.

Fifth, the highway hundred meters pile installation method:

Excavate the buried deep pits, and cross the front, rear, right and left to cross two 25 CM rebars. The cement stones can be fixed. The round pavement brick adopts a circular hole cutter to drill holes through the pavement according to the required size, and the lower part is fixed with cement thick slurry, and the upper mouth is flush with the road surface.

Sixth, highway hundred meters Pile Product features:

1. Signage Pile Mileage Piles The strength of the 100m piles is high. The products are made of new unsaturated resin materials that are pressed at high temperatures.

2. Signage Pile Mileage pile 100m pile impact resistance. Wear resistance. High temperature resistance. Corrosion resistance, so the service life of up to 30 years.

3. Signage Piles Mileage Piles The appearance of hundred meters piles is beautiful, and the products can be made into various colors, with clear font patterns, obvious signs and beautifying the urban environment.

4. Signage Pile Mileage Piles The 100-meter piles are lightweight, easy to transport and install, which can greatly reduce labor and reduce labor intensity.

5. Signage Pile Mileage pile 100m piles against theft, the synthetic material has no recovery value, natural security.

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