Ten brands of floor tiles are four major types of floor tiles introduced

December 19, 2020

Floor tiles play a very important role in the decoration of the ground. It is not only waterproof and moisture-proof, but also strong and durable. There are many brands of floor tiles, so many consumers do not know what to choose. What are the top ten brands of floor tiles ? How to maintain the floor tiles? The following together with the Qijia Xiaobian to understand the next ten brands of floor tiles which is it!

Which are the top ten brands of floor tiles

1. New source. (Reliable quality, with a large number of consumers, and it brings consumers a high-grade urban life, beautiful appearance on the grade.)

2. Huiyuan. (Continuously applying the new technology to the floor tiles, allowing people to enjoy the concept of healthy and environmentally friendly home life makes the brand enduring in the floor tiles market.)

3. Eagle card. (The larger-scale professional production of architectural ceramics companies, constantly providing customers with the concept of differentiated high value-added products and services.)

4. Ou Shenuo. (The National Torch Plan focuses on high-tech industries, is a high-tech enterprise, and has strong scientific and technological strength. Product innovation capability and annual production capacity are considerable.)

5. Marco Polo. (The brand of China's ceramics industry enjoys a good reputation for antique bricks, has excellent stable quality, and is popular in the country with texture design.)

6. Dongpeng. (Relying on innovative, stable and enterprising corporate culture, products that lead the industry's consumer trends will become benchmarks in the Chinese ceramics industry, and products will become more diversified.)

7. Nobel. (In the spirit of advancing the development of the entire ceramic tile decoration industry in China, it has grown rapidly and is a popular floor tile brand.)

8. Mona Lisa. (Making full use of the time to make use of modern technology to develop themselves, rapidly taking a place in China's floor tiles market, and being loved by consumers with its unique appearance.)

9. Crown beads. (With its own product quality and production technology, it has become a strong competitor in the brick brand, and it represents a higher innovation ability and a more complete manufacturing specification.)

10. Hongyu. (High-quality, high-tech, natural Hongyu tiles are bound to become a popular trend in the future and can satisfy everyone's demand for floor tiles.)

What are the types of floor tiles?

1. Polished bricks. In fact, it also belongs to the whole body brick, but compared with the whole body brick, its surface will be brighter and cleaner, and its material is hard and wear-resistant. However, it has poor slip resistance and is not resistant to dirt, so it is not suitable for toilets and kitchens.

2. Porcelain tiles. In fact, it is a reinforced polished tile, its surface is bright, dirt resistance is also good, and its good appearance, high wear resistance, is a harder one in the tile.

3. Glazed tiles. Its rich patterns and patterns have a very good decorative effect. However, because its surface is a glaze, it has poor wear resistance and is inferior to polished tiles and vitrified tiles.

4. Antique tiles. It has a nice decorative effect and is suitable for European and Chinese classical styles.

How to maintain the floor tile

1. Generally speaking, the floor tiles are not very resistant to dirt, so we usually need to clean regularly to clean, so that it is conducive to the maintenance of the tiles, but also conducive to human health. If its surface is stained with ink, we can use toothpaste to clean it. If it is coffee, beer and other stains, you can use detergents such as detergent and detergent to clean it.

2. In addition, we can also increase its water resistance and anti-fouling properties by waxing. Usually, we need to wax the wax for about 3 months. This will keep the tiles bright.

Xiao Bian's words: In general, these above-mentioned floor tiles brands are all good and worth buying. But we don't have to go too far in pursuit of branding. The right floor tiles are the best! The above is the relevant knowledge of the top ten floor tiles for Xiaobian and everyone, I hope you can give some references! More related content , You can pay attention to Qijia information, follow-up will show more exciting content!

Ten brands of floor tiles

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