Space water supply and drainage item space water supply and drainage system

December 22, 2020

Space water supply and drainage is a concealed project of decoration. The water supply and drainage system is not well done. Problems such as water leakage, water pollution and blockage will bring great trouble to life. Kitchen and bathroom and balcony are places where the demand for water supply and drainage is relatively concentrated. The first element is to be smooth. Commonly used water supply and drainage items are arranged with pipe fittings, valves, floor drains, toilets, bathtubs, showers, basins, sinks, faucets, laundry pools, mop pools, water meters, etc.; other drainage arrangements, such as air conditioning drainage, clean water Waste water drainage, etc. Water supply and drainage arrangements for public spaces include water tanks, water pumps, fire hydrants, fire water tanks, and rainwater systems.

Building life water supply and drainage

Indoor living water supply system: from the water supply pipe of the building to the indoor water and water distribution facilities, it is called the indoor water supply part.

The classification of water supply systems can be divided into three categories according to their use: living water supply system, production water supply system, and fire water supply system.

Introduced pipes, water meter nodes, water supply pipes, water supply accessories, boosting and water storage equipment.

Water supply method for indoor water supply system

The water supply mode of the indoor water supply system must be based on the user's requirements for water quality, water pressure and water quantity, the water quality, water quantity and water pressure that the outdoor pipe network can provide, the distribution of water points such as sanitary appliances and fire fighting equipment in the building, and users. Determine the conditions such as water supply safety requirements. The water supply modes of the indoor water supply system are mainly as follows:

Direct water supply method, water tank water supply method, water supply mode with water tank, water tank and water pump, air pressure water supply method, and district water supply method.

Water supply pipe accessories

The water supply pipe attachment is a general term for the opening and closing and adjusting devices installed on the pipes and equipment.

Generally divided into water distribution accessories (water meters, water tanks, pumps) and control accessories (valves) two categories.

Building fire water supply

Building fire protection systems can generally be divided into:

Fire hydrant water supply system

2. Automatic sprinkler system

3. Water curtain fire protection system

Fire hydrant system:

How the system works:

In the fire, one or several water guns are fired near the fire site. The water in the water tank is supplied. At the same time, the fire pump is started. The pump water supply does not enter the box. There is a check valve at the box. The fire brigade comes. The fire truck can take water from the outdoor pipe network. Pressurize, put into the room through the water pump adapter to extinguish the fire, or use the water gun to extinguish the fire in the outdoor.

The hydrant system consists of: fire hydrant equipment, water pump adapter, fire hose, fire water tank, fire pool, water source.

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Actmix®Polymer-bound Pre-dispersed Rubber Chemicals and addivitives

Polymer-bound pre-dispersed rubber chemicals and additives are generally used for the automotive sealing strips, rubber hose, conveyor belt, damping, sealing etc rubber technical parts, and rubber tyres; which has mixed with the EPDM, SBR, NBR, ACM, ECO or IR. These kind of Pre-dispersed Rubber Additives are more and more popular because of the excellent dispersion and dust-free than powder form rubber chemicals.


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·  5. Convenient to auto measuring procedures.

·  6. Safer and healthier to operators.


  Actmix®Pre-dispersed rubber chemicals and additives masterbatch product range:

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·  2. Vulcanizing agent

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·  4. Blowing Agent and promoter

·  6. Non-Nitrosaminee Accelerator. ZDTP-50, TP-50, Retarder E-80,TBzTD-70 etc.

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