How to choose the composite tube home improvement composite tube purchase skills

December 22, 2020

How to choose the composite tube home improvement composite tube purchase skills

Classification of composite pipes

At present, there are aluminum-plastic composite pipes, copper-plastic composite pipes, steel-plastic composite pipes, plastic-coated composite pipes, and steel-framed PE pipes.

1. Steel-plastic composite pipe: The steel-plastic composite pipe is made of UPVC plastic with a certain thickness on the inner wall of the galvanized pipe, so it has the superiority of steel pipe and plastic pipe at the same time. The pipe specifications are Φ15-Φ150. It is connected by copper fittings and threaded, and the water temperature is below 50 °C. It is used as a building water supply cold water pipe, which is more expensive.

How to choose the composite tube home improvement composite tube purchase skills

2, aluminum-plastic composite pipe: aluminum-plastic composite pipe is a layer of welded aluminum alloy in the middle, a layer of polyethylene inside and outside, bonded by a glue layer of five-layer pipe, with polyethylene plastic pipe corrosion resistance and metal The advantages of high pressure resistance of the tube are that the aluminum-plastic composite pipe is divided into two types according to different polyethylene materials: a cross-linked polyethylene-aluminum-plastic composite pipe suitable for hot water and a high-density polyethylene-aluminum-plastic composite pipe suitable for cold water. The specifications of aluminum-plastic composite pipe are Φ14~Φ32: it is connected by clamped copper fittings, mainly used for water distribution pipes and water heater pipes in buildings, and the price is relatively expensive.

3. Plastic coated steel pipe: plastic coated steel pipe is melted in the inner wall of steel pipe with a thickness of 0.5-1.0mm polyethylene (PE) resin, ethylene-acrylic acid copolymer (EAA), epoxy (EP) powder, non-toxic poly Steel-plastic composite pipe made of organic materials such as propylene (PP) or non-toxic polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It not only has the advantages of high strength, easy connection and water flow impact resistance of steel pipes, but also overcomes the corrosion of steel pipes. The design life expectancy is up to 50 years due to the disadvantages of pollution, scale and plastic tube strength, poor fire performance. The main disadvantage is that when the installation is not carried out, the cutting surface should be applied with the non-toxic room temperature curing glue provided by the manufacturer when bending, hot working and electric welding cutting. The main specifications are Φ15-Φ100.

4. Steel skeleton PE pipe: The steel skeleton PE pipe is made of high-quality low-carbon steel wire as the reinforcing phase and high-density polyethylene as the matrix. Through the steel wire spot welding into the net and the plastic extrusion filling, the film is continuously pulled on the production line. New double-sided anti-corrosion pressure pipe for forming. The pipe diameter is Φ50~Φ500, and the flange is connected. It is mainly used in municipal, chemical and oilfield pipe networks, and the price is relatively expensive.

Composite pipe application

Composite tubes are used in a wide range of applications, most of which are used in circuits or in driving LED smart displays.

1, the use of circuits

A circuit that drives a high-sensitivity relay through a Darlington tube using a CMOS circuit.

2, drive LED intelligent display

The LED intelligent display screen is a system controlled by a microcomputer and displayed by an LED matrix board. The four combinations of the composite tubes can be used to display various characters and patterns. Both the row driver and the column driver in the system can use a composite tube with high β, high speed and low pressure drop. It should be noted that the composite tube is composed of a plurality of tubes and resistors inside. When tested with a multimeter, the forward and reverse resistance of the be junction is different from that of the ordinary triode. For the high-speed composite pipe, the front-end be junction of some pipes is also anti-parallel to an input diode. At this time, the resistance of the forward and reverse resistance of the be-junction is very close; it is easy to misjudge the bad pipe. Please pay attention to this.

Compound tube buying skills

1. PPR pipes, steel-plastic pipes, plastic-coated steel pipes and copper pipes are widely used in home decoration pipes. The cost of steel-plastic pipes is relatively high, while the cost of parts for PPR pipes is higher than that of steel-plastic pipes. The cost of copper pipes is the most expensive. The cost is equivalent to about 4 times that of the PPR tube.

2, home decoration laying steel-plastic composite pipe should be prevented from the upper air as much as possible, the best from the top of the wall, the amount of pipe will increase slightly, but it is beneficial to the future pipeline training.

3, the wall thickness of the hot and cold water pipe is different, the cold water pipe can not be used as a hot water pipe, the simple method of distinguishing the hot and cold water pipe is a red line mark on the hot water pipe.

4, PPR pipe size length of each four meters, when you buy, you must understand that the price of each pipe is still the price per meter of pipe, the pipe will be sent to the future to remember whether the length of the pipe is appropriate.

5, steel-plastic composite pipe for home decoration to be careful pipe diameter and wall thickness, the general manager should use 6 share, share the optional 4 share, in order to ensure the water consumption, sharing can also use 6 share.

6, when the home decoration purchase pipe, the inner diameter of the pipe should be fine, the uneven diameter of the pipe will affect the docking of the two interfaces.

7, the construction of the decoration industry association "home decoration renovation project quality example" on the time and pressure of the pressure test is as definite: the newly installed water supply pipeline must be subjected to pressure test according to the relevant delineation. The experimental pressure of metal and its composite pipe is 0.6MPa, the voltage is regulated for 10 minutes, the pressure inside the pipe should be no more than 0.02MPa, no leakage; the experimental pressure of plastic pipe is 0.8MPa, the voltage is regulated for 20 minutes, the pressure inside the pipe should be no more than 0.05MPa, no leakage.

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