Is the quality of Camilia Tile good?

December 26, 2020

Tiles are an integral part of creating a home. Selecting a good tile is a step closer to success. There are many tile brands on the market, and Camilla Tile is one of the well-known brands in the industry. When you purchase Camilla Tiles, choosing the most suitable ceramic tile product will bring you the best results. How many people know about the Kamia tile? Kamia ceramic tile is also more famous in the ceramic industry, I believe many of my friends know that if you want to know more about Kamia tile, you may wish to follow me to understand It!

Is it good or not?

Kamia Tile Company Profile:

Kamia Tile, a subsidiary of Guangdong Hongwei Company, is a large-scale ceramics enterprise that produces and sells wall and floor tiles, antique tiles and glazed tiles. Main products are: complete glass fossils, glazed tiles and square tiles three categories.

Kamia Tile product advantages:

1. The use of advanced glaze, Ying bright, smooth as a mirror. Advanced roller printing machine, so that the pattern is clear and delicate texture.

2. Fine mechanical edging process, accurate size, neat corners, has a unique effect.

3. Italy's large tonnage press automatic molding, high density, low water absorption, abrasion resistance and other characteristics.

4. Pattern design is avant-garde, fresh and dynamic, making it an ideal material for different decorative spaces.

5. Natural stone as the main line to meet market demand, coupled with stylish flower films, dotted waist, by designers and consumers of all ages.

Camia ceramic tile is a few brands?

Kamia Tile, a famous brand, compared with other brands, Kami's recognition is low, but for the mass market, in the ceramic tile is three or four line products, the price is lower than the big brands, but the quality is still pretty good of.

What is the price of the Kamia tile?

Kamia tiles occupy a certain amount of market share, and its types are also numerous. Kamia’s ceramic tiles are: antique tiles, glass tiles, floor tiles, vitrified tiles, acid-resistant tiles, etc. The price is about 20 to 100 yuan.

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to different geographical areas, prices will vary. For more details on the prices, please refer to the local distributors!

How to maintain the Kamia tile?

1, in the vicinity of the tap, the use of a long time, easy to rust rust traces or scale, seriously affect the appearance. Rust can be removed with a 2% oxalic acid solution and wiped with clean water. In addition, after crushed into powder with 3-4 vitamin C tablets, it is sprinkled on the surface of the tiles and washed several times with water to remove rust stains.

2, installed in the kitchen, oil stains, and difficult to clean. If the oil on the brick is very thick, use a spatula or a steel ball to clean it, then use acid or detergent to clean it.

3, installed in the bathroom, will inevitably touch the soap marks, can be washed down with warm water, so that some dissolved, then wipe with a brush. In addition, it can be wiped with a solution of sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid.

Editor's summary: We can see that Kamia tile is indeed a very good tile brand, whether it is the quality of the product or the effect of decoration are very good, very suitable for use in daily family life. If you need to purchase the Kamia tiles in the future, there are many different kinds of products in Kamia tiles, which will surely meet our various needs and allow us all to have a better experience in use.


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