What are the detailed process steps for the renovation? Detailed process flow of decoration

December 27, 2020

The renovation project is very complicated for Xiao Bai, who started the first time. I don’t know what stage to do. When the house is undergoing renovation, people must consider the cost of renovation, but the premise is that we must first clear some of the process of the renovation of the house, then what are the detailed process steps of the decoration? What are the detailed procedures of the decoration process? Then? The small series of the decoration home network below will introduce you to everyone.


First, the detailed process steps of the decoration

1, measuring room design: This step is basically the operation of the designer and the decoration company, the owners do not need to get started, but must be watching next to avoid their data fraud. The house must be measured with the accuracy of the data, and then the designer will give a full set of construction drawings, including floor plans, hydropower diagrams, top plans and so on.

2, the development of the budget: the budget is generally the work of the designer, but the owner can not do the shopkeeper, otherwise it is likely to be pit. After the decoration budget is finalized, the owner needs to review it. If the owner does not understand anything, then even if the designer deliberately increases the item or raises the price of the decoration materials, the owner will not notice it. Therefore, before reviewing the budget, we must first figure out what projects need to be done for the decoration of the house, and the basic market price of the decoration materials.

3. Hydropower preparation: The first is to ask the cabinet manufacturer to go to the site to measure the size, and then design the kitchen water and electricity diagram according to the cabinet hydropower. Then determine the size of the kitchen appliances and refrigerators, but do not need to enter. After completing the kitchen water and electricity, you should also look at the water and electricity in the bathroom, mainly to determine the size, including the size of the sink, the size of the bathtub, the size of the shower room, the size of the bathroom cabinet, the size of the basin, and the type, size and location of the water heater. , size, location and size of the mop pool, determine the ceiling wire requirements and lighting wiring requirements.

4, waterproof construction: the first thing that the mason enters the field is to do waterproof, pay attention to the choice of waterproof coating, and after the waterproof is done, it must be checked in time to avoid delaying the progress of the project. Determine the size of the door stone and install the bathtub. Kitchen and bathroom, wall and floor tiles in the balcony area: pay attention to the choice of tiles, but also prepare cement, sand and other accessories.


Second, the decoration detailed process Raiders

1, waterway

Is the water inlet pipe open? The waterproof condition of the sewer pipe and the waterproof layer, and how is the waterproof effect?

2, the circuit

Strong wire (220V) into the household, is the household line more than 6 square millimeters? The weak wire (TV telephone network, etc.) does not have the household, the socket has electricity, there is no tripping phenomenon, this is easier to wriggle, the new house reform Hydropower is a breakpoint transformation, and later it will live in the endless kicking of the decoration company and the property.

3. Civil engineering

Is the wall flat? Is there any crack? Pay special attention to the outer wall, whether there is water seepage, and if it is timely, the warranty is timely.

4, doors and windows

Is it installed according to the requirements of the purchase contract, how secure is the installation, and is there any defect in appearance?

5, indoor area measurement

Detailed measurement of the area used (required for decoration design), is the area consistent with the purchase contract?

Now people need to prepare in advance when decorating the house. First of all, we must understand some of the decoration process. Then, what are the detailed process steps and decoration strategies? Everyone knows through the introduction of Xiaobian, then if you still For more information on decoration, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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