150 square meters decoration considerations interior decoration design

December 31, 2020

Buying a house is a big deal for us, and decorating a house is also important to us. We all know that there are many small details in the process of decorating the house that are easily overlooked by us during the renovation. In fact, we are now more concerned about the cost of renovation. Then 150 square meters of decoration need to pay attention to what? Today's decoration of the home network of Xiaobian will come with everyone to see 150 square meters of decoration considerations and 150 square meters of decoration design!


150 square meters decoration design

Regional division

150 square meters house decoration considerations 1: regional division. Many people think that the area of ​​150 square meters is not small, so how to decorate it can be done. If you think so, it is a big mistake, because even a 150 square meter house needs a reasonable and scientific division, if the area is reasonable. If you can, it will make your home life more convenient.


150 square meters house decoration note 2: comfort. In fact, no matter what kind of area the house needs to pay attention to comfort. However, many homeowners will strive to create a grandeur of the house while ignoring the comfort of the house. In any case, the house is used for living, so the comfort of the house is the most important and should be placed first in the decoration.

150 square meters decoration money saving method

1. Choose a simple decoration style. Although the current decoration style is very diverse, after repeated comparisons, it is found that compared with other styles, the simple style decoration can save a lot of renovation costs. Even if the area is 150 square meters, the decoration cost will not be too high, and the simple style decoration can also make you have a very comfortable living experience.

2. Renovate ready-made furniture. When considering the addition of furniture, remove some furniture that must be renewed. The rest of the furniture can be considered to make some minor modifications with the existing furniture, such as changing the color of the already painted furniture, repainting once, increasing the utilization rate of old materials. At the same time, to achieve the purpose of saving renovation costs.

3. If it is a small apartment with a small area, then you can consider the design of the ceiling. Adding a suspended ceiling to a low-rise room will increase the pressure on the room. If there is a special personal need for the ceiling, then the ceiling can be considered as a concealed ceiling, which does not create a sense of pressure and is not too expensive.


150 square meters of renovation considerations

First, not necessarily only simple

The minimalist style of decoration has become the first choice for the decoration of many medium-sized houses, but the overly simple style has challenged the accumulation of materials for people's lives, and the simple style has a good texture, and the quality requirements of the house are relatively high. So although the small apartment can be a good interpretation of the minimalist style of decoration, but if you want to add a little charm to the room, try other options.

Second, avoid using bright colors

Choose a brightly decorated style, generally want to make the space open and bright. But for a medium-sized house, the brighter the color, the more it will be because it is too broad and there is no hiddenness and texture. Usually choose to use a dark transition, weaken the space, and make the room both deep and wide.

Third, not necessarily using glare

In a medium-sized house, if there is glare everywhere, it will give people a feeling of naked exposure in front of everyone. Excessive use of strong light will reduce the privacy of the home and there will be fear. Therefore, the light source setting of the medium-sized type can be separated by the scattered light source of the functional area.

For the decoration of the house, we all know so much today, I believe that it will not be embarrassed for the design in the future decoration! The above is the 150 square meters of decoration notices and 150 square meters of decoration design introduced for you today. For more information, please stay tuned to the renovation home.

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