Dalan Motor helps you solve the problem of choosing the motor for the oil pump.

December 31, 2020

An electric motor is a mechanical device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. There are many types of oil pump motors, which can be determined comprehensively based on power source, plant or plant energy balance, environmental conditions, regulatory control requirements, and economic benefits. The following is a tutorial from Dalan Motor to teach you how to use the motor matched with the oil pump.

First, the type of motor

The classification of the pump motor is divided according to the size of the frame:

1. Large motor: base height >630mm

2. Medium-sized motor: the center height of the base is 355mm- 630mm

3. Small motor: the center height of the base is 80-315mm

Second, the choice of motor

The main basis for the selection of the motor:

1. According to load, power supply, frequency, environmental conditions, protection type, cooling method...

2. According to the nature of the load and the production process, the type of motor is selected according to the requirements of starting, braking and running speed of the motor. (generally selected by the user)

3. According to the requirements of load torque, speed variation range and starting frequency, consider the temperature rise limit, overload capacity and starting torque of the motor, reasonably select the motor capacity (generally determined by the pump parameters), and determine the cooling ventilation mode (high pressure) The cooling method of the motor is determined by the user).

4. According to the environmental conditions of the place of use, such as temperature, humidity, dust, rain, gas and corrosion, and flammable and explosive gases, consider the necessary protection methods and the structure of the motor to determine the appropriate explosion-proof grade and degree of protection, insulation. grade.

5. Select the speed of the motor according to the maximum speed of the production machine and the series of requirements for the over-process of the electric drive speed control system, and the complexity of the mechanical deceleration.

6. Determine the appropriate voltage level based on the enterprise grid voltage standard and the power factor requirements.

Third, the choice of power supply

1. Voltage selection

The choice of voltage is related to the power supply of the power system to the enterprise. China's high voltage power supply is usually 3kV, 6kV and 10kV, low voltage power supply is 380V, 220V; foreign common low voltage: 400V, 460V, 660V... (2) Frequency selection

The choice of frequency is related to the speed of the motor. The fluctuation of the frequency has an impact on the performance of the motor. Generally, the deviation between the actual power frequency and the rated frequency should not exceed 1%. The power supply frequency in China is 50 Hz. Common frequency abroad: 60Hz...

2. Influence of ambient temperature and altitude

Motors used for altitudes over 1000m, such as parts of Xinjiang, Gansu, Ningxia, Yunnan, Guizhou, Chengdu, or when the ambient temperature exceeds 40%, should be specified when ordering, and calculate the degree of power reduction to meet the use. Claim.

3. Motor protection type selection

Protective type (IP23): anti-drip, rainproof, anti-foreign material entry, used for dry, less dust, non-corrosive, non-explosive gas environment.

Enclosed (IP44, IP54): Used in dust, weatherproof, anti-flushing, moisture-proof and explosive, corrosive gases or dust. However, the degree of danger required to be specially protected against corrosion or explosion has not been reached.

Motor selection for explosive and fire hazard environments: In places where flammable or explosive hazardous materials are produced, used, and stored, there is usually a risk of explosion or fire due to the presence of a source of danger; to prevent accidents, such places The pump should be equipped with an explosion-proof motor.

In summary, when selecting the motor, you should pay attention to: the power supply voltage, the protection level of the motor, whether it needs explosion protection, whether it is applied under special circumstances, whether there is speed regulation (frequency conversion) requirement, whether there are other special requirements, cooling the way.

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