Advanced gray decoration has the characteristics of advanced gray decoration considerations

January 01, 2021

There are many ways to decorate the room. This friend knows, so what do senior gray decorating friends know about the new decoration method? First of all, friends also need to think that this high-grade gray decoration is not good-looking, in fact, our high-grade gray The decoration is very unique, but you don't know. Now let's see what features of the high-grade grey decoration and the precautions for high-grade gray decoration.


First, the high-grade gray decoration features

1, the high-grade gray to do the basic base color is good, our black and white gray is the eternal decoration classic style, but also one of the wild color. The advanced gray is more stable, harmonious, unified, not strong, not glaring, no conflict, and the elements contained in the color are complex rather than simple. Comfortable, relaxed, and unrepressed, it is the first choice for interior design based color.

2, then gray is also a neutral color, very ordinary, gentle, modest, neutral and elegant psychological feelings, also known as high-grade gray, is the enduring, most viewed color.

3, high-grade gray decoration design will deeply understand the charm of light gray. Excellent floor heights and spacious windows give this apartment a very good light. This near-white light gray is everywhere.

4, high-grade gray decoration can also play a very good role in the home accessories, and high-grade gray decoration character is generous, so it will be recognized as the most advanced decoration method.


Second, the advanced gray decoration matters needing attention

1. Advanced gray decoration should have appropriate artistic embellishment when designing the interior decoration of the house. A home without artistic decoration is not a perfect home.

2, if you want to inject this high-grade gray decoration into the room, a good contrast can get a sense of harmony and unity in a strong contrast; secondly, pay attention to matching. The combination of lighting, color, furniture, etc. needs to be harmonious; then we must pay attention to the level.

3, when the decoration and a lot of water pipes, wires are concealed works in the home improvement, some ordinary construction workers in the construction of concealed wires, not in accordance with the provisions of the construction, everywhere, and increase the number of load electrical appliances, change electrical appliances and pipelines The direction. This can easily cause a fire accident due to leakage, short circuit or improper protection of the line.

4, high-grade gray decoration must pay attention to not be able to arbitrarily disrupt the wall of the designer or construction professionals in advance, because the high-level gray decoration is also necessary to create a layered sense.

This high-grade gray decoration can be seen from our pictures. The high-grade gray decoration is very temperamental and without losing the grade. Then some of our high-grade gray decoration features and the precautions of high-grade gray decoration have already told friends, our Friends also want to know about other styles of decoration, pay attention to our decoration home network.

Brief introduction

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Process :

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Density :

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Size :

Diameter 8-500mm ,length 5-600mm

Properties :

Wear and corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance

Application :

as a Seal Ring 

Tolerance control :

turning or grinding surface , tolerance upon drawing

Production lead time

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Production capacity :

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Package :

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