Apollo bathroom is good, how about Apollo bathroom quality?

January 03, 2021

Now everyone's quality of life has gone up, and the requirements for sanitary products are getting higher and higher. We are now bathing not only to clean the body, but also to pursue a bath, then we are decorating the bathroom. When considering a number of high-end bathroom products, Apollo bathroom can be said to be the leader in China's high-end bathroom products, then Apollo bathroom is good, how about the quality of Apollo bathroom? Next, I will introduce you to the related content of the home of the decoration home network. I hope this article can bring you some help and reference. Let's take a look at it!


Apollo bathroom company profile

Apollo Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, covering an area of ​​130,000 square meters. It is a design and manufacture of intelligent steam room, smart sauna room, smart jacuzzi, smart shower room and smart bathroom home. Innovative companies such as private and intelligent ceramic sanitary wares that are highly technologically conscious of bathroom products.

Apollo Sanitary Ware can be said to be the leader in China's high-end sanitary ware industry. With the concept of “passing the classics and creating a new space for life”, Apollo Sanitary Ware is the first to integrate the European and American leisure bathroom style into the sanitary function suitable for China's affluent class. In the aesthetic design, beyond the general bathroom function, the bathroom has become a place full of sensory enjoyment, adhering to the corporate philosophy of “decision determines success or failure, always pursues exquisiteness”, blending the aesthetic essence of the East and West, and the self-innovation of pleasure technology. Adhering to the brand concept of high enjoyment, high quality and high added value, we are committed to becoming the first brand of the whole bathroom!

Apollo bathroom quality


Apollo's main products are smart bathtubs and smart shower rooms. In fact, no matter which bathroom store we go to, the most eye-catching store is often Apollo's bathroom facade store. So, is Apollo's bathroom good? Although the price of Apollo is higher than other sanitary products, the price is directly proportional to the quality. The quality of Apollo sanitary ware is really nothing to say. Apollo sanitary ware has passed the double test of national standard and EU standard, quality and safety. Sex is definitely very high.

Of course, for a product, word of mouth can be said to be very important, and the user base of Apollo bathroom is full of praise for the product. In general, the choice of bathroom should be considered in consideration of personal living habits and usage needs, and the allocation of space can fully exert its effects. If you want to choose a bathroom, Apollo bathroom is a good choice.

The above is the introduction of the Apollo bathroom and the quality of the Apollo bathroom. I hope that I can bring some help to you. I wonder if everyone is satisfied with the introduction of Xiaobian? If you still need more information, please continue to pay attention to our home encyclopedia!

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