The influence of weather factors on the efficacy of pesticides

January 05, 2021

In the process of crop planting, there will be many pests and diseases , and most people choose to use pesticides to deal with them. However, many people have a doubt, does the weather have any effect on the efficacy of pesticides? This article will explain the impact of weather factors on the efficacy of pesticides.

Rainy weather

Loss of pesticides: Spraying rainwater on a rainy day can directly wash away the effects of unfairness of the medicament, which will also cause pollution in the waters. Generally, the pesticides used for seed dressing are less affected by rainwater. The emulsifiable pesticides can form a layer of oil film on the surface of the crop, which is washed by further rain. It is definitely resistant, while powders and wettable powders are the least resistant to rain.

Windy day

Gas easy to poison: It is not advisable to use the medicine when the wind is strong. The wind is easy to make the sprayed powder or mist fly with the wind, can not be evenly attached to the surface of the crop, and will float on the pesticide to easily poison the person.

Hot weather

(1) Decomposition of the drug, high temperature will accelerate the decomposition of pesticides and volatilization of the drug, so the high temperature should not be used for drugs. Because the crops have strong metabolism in hot weather, the leaves are open, and the medicament is easy to enter the crop and cause phytotoxicity.

(2) The high-temperature weather with low efficacy, heavy fog or dew is easy to be diluted by water and the effect of cheap agent is reduced. In addition, when the morning dew is not dry, the temperature is relatively low, and the pest has not come out yet. it is good. The best time to fight drugs: 8:00-10:00 in the morning, 5:00-7:00 in the afternoon. Avoid using well water to control the medicine. Because the well water contains calcium, magnesium and other minerals, it is easy to react with the chemical.

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