Solid wood door brand top ten recommended buy what brand of solid wood door

January 05, 2021

The application of wooden doors in life is still relatively common, most of the bedrooms, the study of the door will choose the wooden door, watching more grades. The solid wood door is a precious tree species, which is more beautiful and durable under superb craftsmanship, and it has a high collection value. Which solid wood door to buy a good brand? The following small series recommend the top ten solid wood doors for everyone Brand .

Solid wood door brand recommendation 1. Maxim

Maxim is a company that focuses on the door industry and develops building materials, real estate, and investment. Its products include security doors, fire doors, garage doors, bulletproof doors, etc. The company is based on wooden doors, wooden crafts, and wooden furniture. With sales.

Solid wood door brand recommendation 2. Still product color

Shangpin character is a brand which combines the fashion, avant-garde design style and advanced technology to create the essence of wooden doors and windows. Rely on advanced technology, perfect management, learn from the world's advanced wooden door and window construction essence, carefully build wooden door classics.

Solid wood door brand recommendation 3. Jindi

Jindi is one of the leading enterprises engaged in the new type of interior decorative building materials manufacturing in East China. It is the top ten brands of paint-free doors, top ten brands of wooden doors, and top ten brands of fashion doors. It advocates healthy concepts and no lack of fashion. It focuses on concise low-key styles and exquisite aesthetics. No burden.

Solid wood door brand recommendation 4. Spring Door Industry

Spring Door Industry is one of China's top ten branded wooden door products and was established in 2002. The main products are security doors, fire doors, building doors, steel entry doors, solid wood doors, and solid wood composite doors.

Solid wood door brand recommendation 5. Nature giants

Nature's Giants is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in the R&D, production and sales of door products. It is one of the ten brands of wooden doors and is also a famous brand in the industry. It is fashion design, simple and avant-garde in style, and focuses on door products.

Solid wood door brand recommendation 6. Panpan

It is a modern enterprise group that mainly produces panpan high-security doors, fire doors, safety windows, colored steel sandwich wall panels, steel structures, etc.; it has modern woodworking machinery and paint lines and ancillary equipment with excellent performance, among which are international advanced Horizontal imports of four large-scale drying kiln, to ensure the quality of solid wood panels, to solve the long-term use of wood products easy to deform the problem.

Solid wood door brand recommendation 7. Run into a show

Runcheng Chuangzhan is one of the top ten brands of wooden doors and has passed the certification of China Environmental Labeling Products. The company has a wide range of products. At present, there are more than 300 varieties and more than 80 kinds of patented products with independent intellectual property rights. Its package series door products have set off an upsurge of market sales.

Solid wood door brand recommendation 8. Huahe

Huahe is a Chinese furniture manufacturing enterprise group. Its main products are furniture, wooden doors, wardrobes, etc. Its production and sales are at the leading level in the home industry, and it is also one of China's export bases for this industry. Its products have exquisite workmanship, stylish appearance, environmental protection, and good performance, and are in line with the urban mainstream people's pursuit of quality life.

Solid wood door brand recommendation 9. Dream days

Mengtian Wooden Door is the earliest domestic brand that is dedicated to R&D, production and sales of wood composite doors. After the molding and health-keeping process is carried out, the wood's health cycle of more than 100 days such as soaking, cooking and drying can flow into the next process to ensure the stability of the material. The use of hot-pressing technology for mechanized processing ensures that the finished wooden doors do not blistering and rebound.

Solid wood door brand recommendation 10.TATA door industry

It is also an earlier specialized enterprise for R&D, production, sales, and service of finished domestic living room doors. Most of its products use fir for secondary drying, and the surface is made of solid wood planed veneer, forming no deformation, no shrinkage, no warping. , no fission, moisture, anti-drying and other technical features.

Editor's Note: The above is the top ten recommended by Xiao Bian for solid wood door brands , hoping to help those in need. If you want to learn more about the relevant information, you can pay attention to this site information.

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