High reliability analysis of SKF bearings in cement occupation

January 06, 2021

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High reliability analysis of SKF bearings in cement occupation

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2018-03-31

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SKF Group Headquarters is located in Gothenburg, Sweden; is a leader in bearing technology and production. Sven Wingquist invented the clear double-row active spherical ball bearing in 1905; then in 1907 created Svenska Kullargerfabriken Swedish ball bearing production company; referred to as SKF; Production company: SKF is the leader of the international rolling bearing industry; the operating tentacles have been widely spread all over the world; the business is widely spread in 130 countries; the annual output of more than 500 million bearings; sales network throughout the world. Currently has 200 branches, 80 production plants, 41,000 employees and 8,000 agents and distributors.
In the process of cement occupation; new skills continue to make more and more dedication to improve power and reduce energy consumption in the production process. As early as 1980; cement occupation presents a pre-differentiation kiln (PC); also known as It is a new type of dry kiln; it has doubled the capacity of the dry suspension preheater kiln (SP) that has replaced the wet kiln; now the maximum capacity of each production line can reach 13,000 tons / day. However; machine shaft kiln and new style Comparison of dry cement kiln; converted according to the demand of 60 million tons of cement clinker; saving more than 1 million tons of standard coal per year; saving more than 7 million tons of limestone; saving about 20,000 mu of land [1]. Another new skill For the cement professional energy-saving contribution, for example, the cement clinker dry production line with a capacity of 5,000 tons/day is equipped with a low-temperature waste heat power generation system; the annual work is 7000h; the clinker power generation capacity is 33.7KWh; the annual power generation is 5411x104KWh; 4924x104KWh; according to the large-scale thermal power plant power generation is 0. 383Kg standard coal / KWh accounting; annual savings of standard coal 18859 tons; annual carbon dioxide emissions reduction 47,148 tons [2]. Synchronized with cement; high-quality alloy steel SKF shaft The high-quality, high-reliability products are leading the advancement of science and technology in the SKF bearing profession. As a key component in the cement profession, the bearing is taking the new look as the progressive improvement of professional equipment. Skills advancement and renewal of the supply of power. The above two skills advancement are inseparable from the continued work of the bearing; it is also the high-function SKF bearing reliability to make the cement professional output value and energy-saving emission reduction to a higher level.
At present; the cement company's demand for mechanical equipment continues to advance; demand for cement equipment; including SKF bearing products in between; with a wear-resistant function that adheres to the long-term stability and stability of the work. This article takes Timken Company in cement professional bearing products The skill characteristics and advantages are taken as examples; several high-reliability SKF bearing skill plans are specifically discussed; and how to provide high-quality SKF bearings with longer service life and low energy consumption for the cement profession.

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