40 square meters two rooms and one hall decoration points two rooms and one hall decoration renderings

January 06, 2021

As developers of real estate seems to be the same as the operator, early we have a lot of people can not afford expensive big houses, so designed a lot of small flat meters for us to buy, a few days ago someone asked Xiaobian, How should a small room with only 40 square meters be decorated? I believe many people are confused like this information. Then the home of the decoration will come to you today to talk about the decoration points of the 40 square meter two bedroom and one living room.


One, 40 square meters, two rooms, one hall, decoration points

1, simplifying and simplifying

Simple and clear, it will look open, discard some unnecessary things, heavy and hard furniture will not be selected, cut off, block not to do, good living room can "see the bottom", this transparency can be psychologically improved The sense of space, things that can be stored should not be placed outside, and at first glance, there is not much debris. In short, simple to win space, we must know how to leave blank.

2, the main tone of color

The simpler the color, the more spacious and cheerful it will be. The more colors will make people feel confused, and then feel crowded. The main color should be white, beige, light yellow, light blue, etc. The cool color will appear more space. Moreover, the color of the furniture should be matched with the main color of the home, including the floor and the uniform floor, which makes the space more open.

Second, second room, one hall decoration renderings


1. This first picture depicts the lobby in the living room. It is a simple style dress. From the whole color, it can be judged that the owner is probably a middle-aged person. He likes light colors, so furniture and walls. The lacquer and the door are light-colored, making the whole space brighter and brighter. This style is also very popular in today's home decoration, which is comfortable and bright.


2. This picture also depicts the lobby in the living room. Its area is relatively limited. The designer has arranged it into a Mediterranean style. The combination of yellow, green and blue reflects the youthful vitality and vitality of the young people. It is full of youthful atmosphere.


How to save money in 40, 40 square meters two bedroom and one living room decoration

1. Buying wires and water pipes is cheap. In all home decoration, electric wires and water pipes are an indispensable expense. Some working-class people also have the idea of ​​saving in these necessary expenses. They often pay attention to the quotation and pay less attention to quality. This is a serious mistake. If the quality of the wires and water pipes is not up to standard, it will bring great safety hazards after decoration. Therefore, even for the working-class, when purchasing electric wires and water pipes, the standard cannot be lowered, and high-quality wires and water pipes should be purchased. .

2. The power plug should be installed as little as possible. In the idea of ​​saving money, many working families save money when they are decorating. In these small places, the power plug is a project. Some families think that they have a plug together, and save some wires, double-edged, Why not do it? So they are thinking about the current household appliances together, try to save the number of power plugs, this is wrong.

3, the floor tiles are too low level. In order to save, many wage earners are reluctant to spend large sums of money to purchase superior floor tiles. In fact, this is a big misunderstanding. Floor tiles are easy to wear parts. If they are too cheap, they are not wearable, and they always show quality problems. Remedy is hard. In addition, the floor tiles that are too cheap are not slippery, which is easy to cause accidental injuries, and it is not worth the loss. Therefore, when purchasing floor tiles, it should not be cheap, try to buy mid-range.

The above brings two good reference cases for everyone. We both appreciate and learn from it. If it meets your appreciation standards, then it is impossible to directly make your own home. I hope that today’s introduction can Help everyone. For more exciting home improvement information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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