Floor drain odor how to do how to buy floor drain

January 08, 2021

Generally in the family bathroom is equipped with a floor drain, but if the floor drain is used carelessly or improperly installed, it will produce odor. If the odor is not removed in time, it will easily cause some damage to the human body. How to do the leakage odor in that place ? Do not worry, today Xiao Bian gave everyone a way to share some of the floor drain odor.

How to do the floor drain odor

1. Look for a portable watertight plastic bag, put in the appropriate amount of fresh water, open the scorpion on the floor drain, and place the plastic bag with clean water on the floor drain to achieve the purpose of isolating the floor drain odor.

2. If the odor is not obvious, the dried tea leaves can be dried in the toilet or ditch for fumigation, which can reduce the generation of odor in the floor drain.

3. If the odor produced by the floor drain is very serious and has been damaged, the ground drain should be replaced in time and replaced with a good quality stainless steel floor drain.

4. Carefully check, if it is because of a leak in the floor water seal, and run out of odor, you can use glass glue to seal the gap and block the exit of odor.

5. Pour some chemical disinfectant into the floor drain to dissolve the residue of the hair remaining in the floor drain to reduce the source of odor. If there is not a lot of residue, you can use buckets to take half a bucket of water and pour the residue into the floor drain.

How to buy a floor drain

1. At present, there are floor drains for PVC, ceramics, zinc alloys, brass, copper alloys, and cast irons on the market for everyone to choose from. Stainless steel and copper alloy floor drains are affordable, attractive in appearance, and have a long service life. Suitable for use in high-frequency activities.

2. When the floor drain is purchased, its caliber needs to be selected according to the requirements of the installation site, because the size of the floor drain is related to the size of its displacement. Large size, its drainage speed will be faster, smoother water flow, even if the sudden burst of water, etc., can also be a good rule out of water.

3. It is best to purchase the floor drain with two functions of physical deodorization and deep water deodorization, because the floor drain must not only have the effect of drainage, but also need to have the function of anti-return and anti-repeat, otherwise it is easy to breed bacteria in its interior. Produces odorous gases that are harmful to the human body.

4. When purchasing floor drains, it is best to buy built-in floor drains that can remove the inner core. In this way, we will be more relaxed during the daily cleaning process. The inner core can be removed directly for flushing, otherwise some residues will block the pipeline and affect its normal operation.

5. The good surface leakage of the surface treatment process not only improves the aesthetics and corrosion resistance of the floor drain, but also forms a protective film on its surface, which can extend the useful life of the floor drain. Therefore, it is best for people to buy a floor drain with a protective film on the surface. Otherwise, in the course of use, it would be very easy for the floor leakage odor and how to do it.

Xiao Bian concludes: Through the introduction of the above Xiao Bian, do you know how to leak the smell of the ground ? The troubled friends in this area can personally try it at home, hoping to help you. Want to know or consult more related information, welcome to pay attention to this site!

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