More than one trillion yuan to reduce the burden will accelerate the tax reform and look at two steps

January 08, 2021

On March 28, the State Council executive meeting decided to deepen the reform of value-added tax. The three measures will reduce taxes by more than 400 billion yuan this year. The industry believes that this marks the beginning of the policy of reducing the burden of more than one trillion yuan that was finalized this year. "The rate of reduction of the VAT rate this year is basically in line with expectations, but the speed of tax reduction is far faster than the market expects." Zhang Yiqun, director of the Jilin Provincial Institute of Fiscal Science, told the "Securities Daily" reporter that with the continuous deepening of China's tax reform The tax reform process will also accelerate. It may take two steps. The first step is to raise the tax deduction standard. The second step is to study the deduction items, scope of application, calculation standards, etc. of the system, not only for enterprises. The tax reform will reduce the negative income, and let the people get more benefits in the tax reform. Zhang Yiqun pointed out that the speed of the tax reduction policy will accelerate. On the one hand, after the national "two sessions", the efficiency and responsibility of the new government will be significantly improved, and the implementation of the government work report promises to reduce the burden of enterprises, which can enhance the power of enterprises. Vitality, promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and thus promote China's economic growth rate to maintain a reasonable range; on the other hand, China's reduction of the maximum tax rate of value-added tax and the expansion of tax reduction scope can alleviate the pressure brought by the tax cuts of the largest economies in foreign countries. Hu Genrong, the managing partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers in China and Hong Kong, told the Securities Daily that the strength and scope of the VAT reform are relatively large and will have varying degrees of impact on all VAT taxpayers. The relevant taxpayers are warmly looking forward to the introduction of the landing plan. However, it should be noted that after the tax rate is lowered, the following aspects still need to be further clarified: For the economic behavior around May 1st, whether the new tax rate or the old tax rate should be applied based on the time when the tax obligation occurs; The value-added tax rate of goods will be adjusted accordingly; whether the tax rebate rate will be adjusted accordingly for taxpayers' export goods, services within the scope of cross-border sales regulations and intangible assets. Hu Genrong also pointed out that as a more important item in the VAT system, the scope of the tax rebate for this extended tax is a major positive for related industries and enterprises. In the follow-up policy documents, it is necessary to pay attention to the specific standards of qualified enterprises and the specific provisions for “certain periods”. For the next step of VAT reform, Zhang Yiqun said that the pace of VAT reform will accelerate. It is expected that the VAT rate is expected to be two grades from the current 16%, 10%, and 6%. It is likely to cancel the 10% tax rate, leaving only the 16% and 6% tax rates or the two tax rates. Recently, a wider tax cut has been formed, which has made enterprises more profitable. In fact, the above VAT tax cuts are only part of this year's tax cuts. According to the government work report, there are still six tax reduction measures this year, including raising the threshold for personal income tax, increasing the special expenses deduction for children's education and major medical care, and reducing the burden reasonably. Significantly expand the range of small and micro enterprises that enjoy a halved income tax incentive. Significantly increase the pre-tax deduction ceiling for new equipment purchased by enterprises. Implement a comprehensive credit policy for overseas income of enterprises. Expand the scope of tax incentives for logistics enterprises' storage and land use. Continue to implement the enterprise reorganization of land value-added tax, deed tax and other expiration preferential policies. In addition, there are five measures to reduce the non-tax burden of enterprises, including further cleaning up the standardization of administrative fees, lowering the collection standards of some government funds, and continuing to reduce the proportion of “five insurance and one gold” contributions. Reducing grid link charges and transmission and distribution prices, the average industrial and commercial electricity price is reduced by 10% on average. Deepen the reform of the toll road system and reduce the cost of crossing the bridge. Increase the clearance of intermediary service fees.

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