Reasons for roof leakage How to deal with roof leakage

January 08, 2021

Leaking on the roof is a common reality in life. How to deal with many people on the roof leak is also something I do not know how to do. Once the water leakage is too serious, it will directly affect daily life and cause greater losses. Then, we will introduce the cause of roof leakage and how to deal with roof leakage .

Reasons for leaking roof

1. The pipe was not fixed when it was installed, resulting in looseness; there was an error in the position of the reserved port of the pipe, the concrete was not poured, the leak-proof treatment was not performed, and the reason for the pipe leaking was caused.

2. There are many plants on the top floor of houses. In fact, this has a certain impact on the waterproof material of houses. Man-made construction damage is caused by the leakage of the waterproof layer; the destruction of the pipeline installation and the damage caused by the construction of the protective layer or the waterproof layer; the quality problems of the waterproof material itself may also lead to the destruction of the waterproof layer.

3. A lot of people have finished their renovations. They will soon find that the wall has wet spots or dark spots on the walls, or water leakage on the top and walls. Some homes will get damp or even moldy hair on every winter wall. All kinds of phenomena have brought a lot of inconvenience to family life. The construction workers did not follow the construction requirements and specifications; the concrete was not fully leveled and compacted when pouring the floor slabs, and empty drums, honeycombs, and hors d'oeuvres were found.

How to deal with roof leakage

1. Find the cause of leaking roof

When everyone discovers that the roof is leaking, first of all, it is necessary to understand the causes and places of the leak. General penetration is the main reason for roof leakage, such as concrete cracks, metal roof rust, etc., we can determine according to the water quality, black marks or mold in the house. If the leak is difficult to find, we can ask a helper to water the top sub-region. At the beginning, it can be tested from a place of doubt until it finds a leak.

2. Select the leak repair method

If the leaking point is relatively small, or if the crack is relatively short, we can take regional repairs. If there is a large leak area and more cracks on the roof, we can take the whole house repair. According to their needs can use flexible acrylic tape, polyurethane sealant or waterproof material such as asphalt felt.

3. Clean the roof to be repaired

Tools for roof surface cleaning include at least a broom, a file, and one or more scrapers. Everybody should carefully remove any debris that may affect the waterproof effect. We can expand concrete cracks, and then use tools to remove the sludge from the cracks.

4. Waterproof the roof

We can use syringe nozzles to fill urethanes or epoxies into cracks, or waterproof the entire roof. Note: Plan your work order, starting from the roof farthest from the ladder or exit point, before you start the roof coating. Scan it again and you may be surprised to collect more dirt and debris. We must carry out careful tests after completion, especially wall joints, corners and places where water can easily accumulate.

Editor's summary: The reasons for leaking roofs and how to deal with roof leaks are introduced here. I hope to help everyone. Want to learn more related knowledge can focus on this site information.

How to deal with roof leakage

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