What is the color of the tile?

January 08, 2021

Although ceramic tile grout can increase the practicality and aesthetics of tiles, it must pay attention to the choice of color and matching techniques when using it, so that the house can be more clean, tidy and beautiful. So, what color tile US sew it good? And what is the beauty of seaming in a tile? Let's take a look with Xiao Bian!

What is the color of the tile beautiful sewing :

1, what is the color of the tile beautiful sewing - Ivory

Ivory is a natural product with a whiteness of more than 95%, no color cast, bright color, and high purity. Works with a variety of different color tiles.

2, what is the color of the tile beautiful sewing - Moonlight silver (pearl white)

Moonlight Silver is the main color of the product, pale gray. When it was made, it was added with pearl powder, which made it bright and shiny and sparkled with moonlight.

3, what is the color of the tile beautiful sewing?

The gold color of common sealant is dark yellow and it is difficult to match with other colors. The golden color is a product made using new formulas and new technologies. It is not only dazzling in color but also stable in performance.

4, what is the color of the tile beautiful sewing - aristocratic gray (high-grade gray)

Compared with the ordinary gray sealant, nobility ash incorporates fashion elements, making it bright and textured, giving a noble and elegant atmosphere.

5, what is the color of the tile beautiful sewing - sapphire blue

Ordinary blue beauty agent color is dull, no brightness, and sapphire blue sizing agent is innovated on the basis of ordinary blue, so that the color is more vivid, shining brilliant jewel-like color.

Tile beauty seam color matching skills:

1, dark with light colors

If the tile is dark, you can choose light color grout. This will not only highlight the texture of the wall, but also light-colored US grout can make the tile gap line more clearly and clearly.

2, light color with dark colors

Light-colored tiles with dark-colored grouts give a clean, bright, and refreshing feel. This approach is basically a wild method, because the light-colored tiles are dirty and can be cleaned. Cleaning the gaps is troublesome. Therefore, it is best to use dark-colored grouts.

3, with the color

This is also the most common way for people to collaborate. In particular, it is best to use rustic bricks or patterned tile owners.

The article summarizes: What is the color of the beautiful tile and the relevant knowledge of the tile and the color of the seam? Introduced here, there is a need for more information, please continue to pay attention to this site, we will have more exciting content for you Offered.

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