Diatom mud in 2018 ranked top ten choice diatom mud

January 09, 2021

Diatom mud is now a relatively new type of natural environmental protection interior wall decoration materials in wall decoration materials. It is a substitute for traditional wallpaper and latex paint. It not only has a decorative effect, but its air purification capability is more popular. Which brand of diatom mud is better? Here's a look at the top ten diatom mud in 2018 .

Diatom mud top ten rankings in 2018 1. Lanshee diatom mud

Lanshe is the "diatom mud decorative wall materials," the drafting of the building materials industry standards, 70,000-ping Industrial Park, six honors, patent products Lanshe No. 1, can long-term decomposition of formaldehyde.

Diatom mud ranks top 10 in 2018. Northern Diatom mud

Beijiang diatom mud is the first to promote neutral diatom mud, which is a cost-effective and professional company that integrates mining, R&D, production and marketing of diatomite related products. Beijiang diatom mud adhering to the "respect for nature, care for health" product concept, for each family to create a fresh and healthy environment for the home environment.

Diatom mud ranks top 10 in 2018 .

Dimei Mudi, a key diversified product of China's engineering construction, specializes in the research, development, and production of diatom mud, improving diatom mud quality and craftsmanship, and cooperating with first-rate raw material suppliers at home and abroad, including the largest diatomite producers in China. Tong Mining, a leading manufacturer of photocatalyst Baojian Nano, international environmental toner manufacturer Bayer and high-quality raw material import trade company Longhu Technology.

2018 diatom mud top ten ranking 4. Montage diatom mud

Montage diatom mud won the top ten brands of diatom mud industry for five consecutive years. It is a professional diatom mud brand manufacturer in China and a vice president unit of diatom mud association. The company specializes in diatom mud wall materials and art paint hand-made wallpapers.

Diatom mud top ten rankings in 2018 5. Spring of the diatom mud

Chunyuan Diatom Slime is an advocate of diatom mud brand service standards, an annual influential brand and diatom mud demonstration unit, or an industry standard drafting unit of "Diatomaceous mud decorative wall materials".

Diatom mud ranks top 10 in 2018. Green Forest Diatom Mud

Affiliated to Jilin Province Green Forest Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., is a large-scale comprehensive enterprise engaged in the research, production, sales, construction and service of new environmental protection decoration materials. It is the drafting unit for China's "Diatomaceous mud industry standard".

Diatom mud ranks top 10 in 2018. Blue sky dolphins diatom mud

Is a diatom core technology creator, won the national 16 patents, Wang Han portrait of endorsement brand, environmental label (10 ring) certified enterprises, through the CE certification of exports of EU diatom products manufacturers.

Diatom mud ranks the top ten in 2018.

Shuang Mulin is a subsidiary of Fuzhou Zhushang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and specializes in a series of natural environmental protection interior wall decorative wall materials such as diatom mud, diatom pure, and diatomaceous earth bricks. It has a professional and complete brand industrial chain.

Diatom mud top ten ranking in 2018 9. Otsu diatom mud

Otsu diatom mud is the first brand to introduce diatom mud wall materials in China, becoming a pioneer in China's diatom mud industry, ranking first in the top ten brands of diatom mud and being the only listed company for diatom mud manufacturers.

Top ten diatom mud ranks in 1018. Clovisweed diatom mud

Keluwei diatom mud is the top ten brand of diatom mud and is a high-end brand of diatom mud. Its diatom mud products are environmentally friendly and are environmentally friendly wall materials.

Editor's Note: The above is about the introduction of the top ten diatom mud in 2018. The top ten brands of diatom mud are all very good. I hope that Xiaobian's sharing can help everyone, and more information on the renovation, please pay attention to this site. .

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