Construction engineering sanitary ware installation precautions

January 09, 2021

At present, there are many cities and towns in the country, such as public rental housing, affordable housing, price-limited commodity housing, shantytown renovation and resettlement housing, and self-occupied commercial housing. Now pay attention to the sanitary ware installation precautions:

1. The outer surface of the sanitary ware is clean and undamaged, the installation is firm and stable, and it should not be loosened; the joints should be sealed without leakage; the valve switch is flexible. After the installation is completed, no water leakage test is carried out for no less than 2 hours. The water content is as follows: the toilet bowl should be raised to 10MM below the wrench; all kinds of washing basins and basins should be filled to the overflow; the bathtub should be filled Not less than one third of the depth of the cylinder.

2, toilet installation; before installation must check the toilet for damage, cracks, water inlet and drain should be smooth, not meet the quality requirements should not be blindly installed. The toilet should be installed smoothly and correctly, in the toilet compartment, the position should be correct, and the level should be adjusted with the horizontal scale.

3, floor drain installation: floor drain should be installed at the lowest level of the ground, its elevation should not exceed the ground, the minimum should not be lower than 5MM below the ground.

4. The center longitudinal distance of the drain hole of the squat toilet is not less than 540mm: the center longitudinal direction of the drain hole of the seated toilet is not less than 420mm from the wall surface, and the height of the seat surface is 300mm from the ground: Washbasin installation: wash your face The margin of the basin is about 800mm; the upper edge of the bathtub is not more than 520mm from the ground.

5, wash basin installation: wash basin basin on the ground distance 800MM, the basin installation bracket should be tightly contacted, no loose. The basin is level-corrected with a horizontal deviation of 2 mm or less. The connection between the triangular valve and the basin faucet is tightened with steel pipes.

6. The water supply connection pipe of the sanitary appliance shall not have defects such as unevenness of the concave and convex.

7. Fixation of sanitary appliances should be firm. Do not use expansion bolts to secure sanitary fixtures in perforated bricks or lightweight partitions.

8. Sanitary appliances and various water supply pipes should be treated as leak-proof when passing through the floor. After passing the inspection, they can be put into the next process.

9. Sanitary ware should be protected from bumps during handling and installation. After the installation, the sanitary ware drains should be read and blocked, and the chrome-plated parts should be wrapped with paper to avoid blockage or damage.

10. When glazed bricks and terrazzo walls are punctured, it is advisable to use electric drills or lightly remove the glazed surface with small scorpion. Wait until the ash layer at the bottom of the brick is used, but not too strong, so as not to smash the surface. Broken or shattered into an empty drum phenomenon.

11. After the sanitary ware is installed stably, in order to prevent the loss or damage of the accessories, the accessories should be installed uniformly before completion.

12. The installed sanitary ware should be protected to prevent damage to the porcelain surface of the sanitary ware and damage to the entire sanitary ware.

13. Before the water test, check whether the floor drain is unblocked, whether the household valve is closed, and then conduct the same water test one by one according to the interval to avoid water leakage and damage the decoration project.

14. When the indoors are not warmed in winter, all kinds of sanitary ware must be drained. There should be no water in the trap to prevent the ware and traps from cracking.

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