What color wallpaper is good for the bedroom? Bedroom wallpaper color matching

January 09, 2021

The bedroom is a place for people to rest. In the bedroom, wallpaper is generally chosen to be quieter and calmer. For example, light color, in people's homes, it is difficult to see the bedroom of big red wallpaper, because red is very exciting. , affecting people's emotions. The blue wallpaper will feel very depressed after a long time. Then we will follow with the small series look good for wallpaper paste bedrooms exciting content related to what color.


I. Classification

The wallpaper colors are divided into two categories, one is cool and warm, and the cool colors make the room look large and neat. Warm colors can look warm, and the overall room size will be reduced! From the sleeping habits, warm colors make people feel safe.

According to a famous Wenzhou decoration company designer, the rules of silver gray and pink plus blue are easy to make people fall asleep quickly, and eye-catching, furniture and other easy to match, is cool, refreshing, open! You can try to figure out Similar to the irregular pattern of cold tones, and the plain color combination, it is more appropriate, remember not to spend too much, pink flowers are not good, long time will get tired!

Second, color matching

According to the design angle, we selected some of the wallpaper color matching experience as a reference for the owners. The main bedroom is generally made of light color and chroma but the color is high, such as pink, purple, light red, beige, blue, clear green, white, beige. Usually, there are several ways to match:


1. Light and exquisite tones. The center color is yellow and orange. The curtains and bedspreads are yellow and white printed fabrics, and the sofas and ceilings are decorated in shades of green with some green plants. The atmosphere is chic.

2. Gentle romantic tones. The center color is soft pink. The lampshade and curtains are red and white, and the furniture is white. The room is partially decorated with light blue and has a warm atmosphere.

3. Elegant and beautiful tones. The center color is pink. The sofa, the lampshade pink, the curtains, the cushions are pink calico, the floor is light brown, and the walls are milky white. This color is suitable for young women and girls.

4. Elegant and beautiful tones. The center color is rose and lavender, the carpet is light rose, the sofa is more rosy than the carpet, the curtains are available in pale purple, the shades and poles are rosy or purple, and some green cushions and pots are placed. Plant embellishments, walls and furniture in gray and white, can achieve elegant and beautiful effects.

5. Gorgeous fresh tones. The center color is wine red, blue and gold, the sofa is wine red, the carpet is dark red, the wall is bright beige, the part is dotted with gold, such as gold-plated wall lamp, plus some blue as an aid, it is gorgeous and fresh. style.

How about, I read the wonderful introduction to the wallpaper on the bedroom. Did you understand a lot of different colors of wallpapers in the bedroom? I hope that you can learn more about home improvement knowledge through this article, and you will be able to create a more perfect home environment. Thank you for reading this article and your support and love for Xiaobian. If you want to get more information about home improvement, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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How to choose bedroom wallpaper? What wallpaper is good for the bedroom?

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